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7. Taiwan Straight defenses / 台海防空

China caused quite a commotion by deploying the S-300 PMU-1s across from Taiwan. If they deploy PMU-2 missiles with their 195km range then the whole island will be within PLA SAM coverage.

中国部署S-300 PMU-1型防空导弹确实在海峡对岸的台湾引起了一阵骚动。如果大陆部署了射程达到195公里的PMU-2型防空导弹,整个台湾岛都会处在中国人民解放军的地空导弹覆盖范围之中。

What’s curious is that there appears to be gaps in the East coast air-defenses. It may be simply that Google Earth has more SAM sites yet to be discovered, but the implication is that China is not so concerned about Taiwanese counter-attacks.



Dianqian (Xiamen) has a lot of AAA sites. The islands nearby are under Taiwanese control including the one labelled "Missile Bases".

下图是厦门岛的防空示意图,右下角标有“Missile base”(导弹基地)的小岛处于台湾控制之下。

Also in the straights, the Taiwanese territory of Matsu Islands is also defended and heavily militarized:



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