Australia to establish directed-energy technology network


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06 NOVEMBER 2020
by Jon Grevatt
乔恩·格雷瓦特(Jon Grevatt)
The Australian Department of Defence’s (DoD’s) research and development agency (R&D) is setting up a national network to focus on advancements in directed-energy technologies. The initiative was revealed in documents issued by the Australian government’s tender portal in late October.
According to the Request for Proposal (RFP), the DoD’s Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group will establish a ‘Science and Technology Network in Directed Energy Technologies and Systems’. The initiative, it added, will “identify and pursue niche directed-energy science and technology areas critical for future Australian defence capability”.
根据建议书(RFP),国防部国防科学与技术(DST)集团将建立“定向能源技术和系统中的科学技术网络”。 它补充说,该倡议将“确定和追求对未来澳大利亚国防能力至关重要的定向能源科学和技术领域商机”。

Australia is looking to set up a technology network to advance directed-energy capabilities such as the High Energy Laser with Integrated Optical-dazzler and Surveillance (HELIOS) system developed by Lockheed Martin. (Lockheed Martin)
澳大利亚正在寻求建立一个技术网络来提高定向能的能力,例如洛克希德·马丁公司开发的带有集成的炫光和监视功能的高能激光器(HELIOS)系统。 (洛克希德·马丁)
Focus areas of the proposed network will be in areas related to high-energy laser (HEL) and high-power radio frequency/high-power microwave (HPRF/HPM) technologies. It is envisaged that the network will advance directed-energy concepts, technologies, techniques, and defence applications as well as approaches to hardware and software integration and related effects such as countermeasures.
拟议网络的重点领域将是与高能激光(HEL)和高功率射频/高功率微波(HPRF / HPM)技术相关的领域。可以预见,该网络将推动定向能的概念,科技,技术和国防应用,以及实现硬件和软件集成以及相关效果(例如对策)的方法。
The RFP seeks submissions from industry, academia, and government-funded organisations detailing proposed contributions to the directed-energy network. Such proposals, it said, should span multiyear timeframes.
“[The] DST Group have developed a range of world class HEL and HPRF technologies and is seeking Australian academia and industry involvement to complement these capabilities with new ideas, technologies, and system architectures,” said the tender.
建议书称:“ 国防部国防科学与技术(DST)集团已经开发了一系列世界一流的HEL和HPRF技术,正在寻求澳大利亚学术界和行业的参与,以通过新的思想,技术和系统架构来补充这些功能。”
The technology network itself will be aimed at consolidating directed-energy capabilities in Australia. The objective of the network, said the tender, is to build a “sustainable science and technology community of Australian academia and industry in directed energy technologies and systems”.

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