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Satellite Communications Command Post
    The PLA has been utilising satellite communications (SATCOM) in its C3I system since the early 1990s. Currently the PLA ground forces are deploying a mobile SATCOM command post that can feed voice and data transmissions back into the headqua. 10-02-04
MW-1500 Microwave Communication System
    The MW-1500 is a digital microwave communication system for radio line of sight (LOS) information transmission.. 10-01-31
PRC-145A HF Digital Radio
中国PRC-145A HF数字无线电
    The PRC-145A 125W HF digital radio is designed for tactical mobile communication in the field. It can be used on fixed ground station or in vehicles.. 10-01-30
DZ9001 Mobile Electronic Intelligence System
    The DZ9001 is a mobile electronic intelligence (ELINT) system designed to detect, intercept, analyse, identify and record the enemy radar radiation.. 10-01-30
JN1601 Communications Jammer
    The JN1601 is an integrated communication countermeasures system designed to search, intercept, monitor, analyse, and jam enemy high-frequency (HF) communication signals.. 10-01-29
JN1105A Communications Jammer
    The JN1105A is a mobile communication countermeasures system designed to locate and jam enemy tactical radio communication signals.. 10-01-29
DZ9002 Mobile Electronic Intelligence System
    The DZ9002 is a tactical mobile electronic intelligence (ELINT) system,The system can detect, intercept, analyse, identify and record the signal emissions of enemy radar to acquire its operation modes and technical parameters.. 10-01-29
    YLC-20 Two-Station Passive Direction-Finding And Locating Ra  
        The YLC-20 is a passive surveillance radar system similar to the VERA-E system developed by ERA of the Czech Republic.... [2016-01-04]
    Army Division Command Post  
        The PLA ground forces have deployed a mobile command and control centre at division headquarters level.... [2010-02-04]
    Bodyguard Laser Countermeasures System  
        The military planners in China have recognised the growing threat of the precision guided air-to-surface weapons in the modern battlefield, and have been studying the possibility of suppressing enemy's precision strike weapons by using both... [2013-10-26]
    Armoured Command & Control Vehicle  
        The armoured command & control vehicle (C2V) is designed to provide an automated tactical command post for armoured operations.... [2010-02-05]