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Dragonfly 2000 UAV is an affordable UAV with an advanced light weight airframe (fabricated from composite materials). Dragonfly 2000 can be launched from a launcher and recovered by means of the emergency recovery parachute. The terminal descent velocity is 4 m/s.
Dragonfly 2000 UAV is designed for day and night operation. Dragonfly 2000 UAV has a long flight endurance (approx. 12 hours). Dragonfly 2000 is designed to be launched from a launcher and to be retrieved using a parachute.
Dragonfly 2000 UAV can also take-off and land from conventional runways. It is equipped with a landing hook that enables it to land on short runways. Dragonfly 2000 UAV can also land using a retarding cable. In this case, the landing distance is 50m.
Dragonfly 2000 can carry a payload as large as 16 kg (POP Day/Night Electro-optical) and still provide maximum performance.
Dragonfly 2000 has ample electric power (1800 watts) to support the operation electro-optic and other payloads.
The Dragonfly 2000 has:
- Automatic and autonomous modes of navigation.
- Emergency modes of recovery.
- Special modes for operation with electro-optic payloads.

Fuel Flow in Level Flight[水平飞行中的燃油流量]:
Altitude[海拔] (ft[英尺])
Fuel Flow[燃油流量]
(liters/hr[升/小时])@ Loiter Vel[徘徊速度].
Fuel Flow[燃油流量]
(liters/hr)@ Optimum Vel[最佳速度]. 
Fuel Flow[燃油流量]
(liters/hr) @ Dash Vel[突袭速度] 
Sea Level[海平面] 3 (55 KIAS[节]) 4.0 (70 KIAS[节]) 9.0 (130 KIAS[节])
5,000 3.5 (55 KIAS) 4.5 (70 KIAS) 12 (130 KIAS)
10,000 4.0 (55 KIAS) 4.8 (70 KIAS) 12.5 (130 KIAS)
15,000 4.5 (55 KIAS) 5.2 (70 KIAS) 13.0 (130 KIAS)
Optimum Climb Rates[最佳爬升率]:
Velocity[速度] (KIAS[节])
Climb Rate[爬升率] (ft/min[英尺/节])
Fuel Flow[燃油流量](Liters/hr[升/小时])
Sea Leve
60 1,500 9.0
5,000 60 1,300 12.0
10,000 60 1,100 12.5
15,000 60 800 13.0
5 meters
2.96 meters
Empty Weight[空重]
84 kg
Not including payload[不含有效载荷]
Maximum Take-off Weight
140 kg
Fuel Capacity[油箱容量]
40 kg
57 liters[升]
Available Payload Weight
16 kg
With full fuel load
WAE - 342
25 hp, 2 stroke engine
[25 马力,2冲程发动机]
Electrical Generator Capacity
2000 watts
(28 VDC)
350 watts used by avionics, lighting, and POP Day/Night Payload
Fuel Tank Capacity[油箱容量]
57 liters
fuel weight - 40 kg
Emergency Battery[应急电池]
4 amp-hr[安培-小时]
Available Payload Weight
16 kg
With full fuel load
Take-off Distance[起飞距离] (Max T/O Weight)
260 m
Up to 20 kts side wind
Landing Distance [着陆距离]*
300 m
Up to 20 kts side wind
Service Altitude[运行海拔]
15,000 ft
50-110 KIAS
at 6000 ft Altitude
Flight Endurance[续飞能力]
14 hrs[小时].
70 KIAS, 6,000 ft.  
[70 节,6,000英尺]

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