Elbit Systems launches E-LynX-Sat – a portable tactical SATCOM system


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by Elbit Systems  November 16, 2020
以色列埃尔比特系统(Elbit Systems)公司,2020年11月16日

Elbit Systems has launched E-LynX-Sat, a compact satellite communications (SATCOM) add-on system. The new system utilizes a lightweight less than 1 Kg terminal that interfaces with Elbit Systems’ E-LynXTM Software Defined Radio (SDR) solution.
以色列埃尔比特系统(Elbit Systems)公司已经推出了E-LynX-Sat,这是一种紧凑的卫星通信(SATCOM)附加系统。 新系统采用了不到1千克的轻巧终端,可与埃尔比特系统公司的E-LynXTM软件无线电(SDR)解决方案连接。
E-LynX-Sat enables Infantry and maneuvering forces to maintain robust and secured, on-the-walk and on-the-move, voice and data communication services, over ranges of hundreds of kilometers. The operational benefits of the newly launched E-LynX-Sat system were successfully demonstrated during the British Army’s recent Warfighting Experiment 2020.
“The access to robust long-range voice and data communications is a critical operational capability for Infantry and maneuvering forces. Until now this capability required the use of costly and heavy SATCOM equipment that did not interface smoothly with their tactical radio or command and control systems, limiting their adoption and effectiveness”, commented Oren Sabag, a Senior Vice President at Elbit Systems C4I and Cyber Division.
E-LynX-Sat integrates miniature phased-array antennas, unique satellite communication modem, beam steering and error correction software as well as data compression protocols.
Using standard Ka and Ku-band Geostationary satellites, it features automatic electronic satellite tracking and direct sequence spread spectrum, enabling continuous over the horizon operations on-the-walk and on-the-move. E-LynX-Sat comprises of compact portable terminals and a Hub base station that is installed in satellite ground stations.
“Overcoming major challenges in military networking, including size and weight reduction as well as automatic tracking, this SATCOM add-on solution offers a significant improvement of the operational effectiveness to the growing customer base of the E-LynX SDR solution”, added Mr. Sabag.
萨巴格先生补充道:“该卫星通信附加解决方案克服了军事网络中的主要挑战,包括尺寸和重量的减少以及自动跟踪,为E-LynX SDR解决方案不断增长的客户群提供了操作效率的显著改进。”

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