Boeing, US Navy to Demo Future Ramjet Missile Technology


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by Boeing Company  
October 21, 2020
Boeing [NYSE: BA] and the U.S. Navy will demonstrate advanced missile technologies that will make carrier air wing strike fighters more lethal against threats into the next decade.
波音公司[纽约证券交易所: BA] 和美国海军将展示先进的导弹技术,这些技术将使航空母舰空中打击战斗机在未来十年内更具杀伤力。
Boeing has been awarded a $30 million contract from the Navy to co-develop the Supersonic Propulsion Enabled Advanced Ramjet (SPEAR) flight demonstrator with the Navy’s Air Warfare Center Weapons Division. The contract award comes after the Department of Defense requested information from the defense industry to help the Navy determine technical requirements of future carrier-based land and sea strike weapons systems.
波音公司已从美国海军获得一份价值3000万美元的合同,与美国海军空战中心武器部共同开发“超音速推进能力先进冲压发动机(SPEAR)”飞行演示器。 该合同授予之前,美国防部要求国防工业提供信息,以帮助海军确定未来舰载对陆和对海打击武器系统的技术要求。
“The SPEAR flight demonstrator will provide the F/A-18 Super Hornet and carrier strike group with significant improvements in range and survivability against advanced threat defensive systems,” said Steve Mercer, Boeing’s SPEAR program manager. “We have a talented team of engineers to meet the challenging technical demands and schedule timeline that the SPEAR program requires. We look forward to working with Navy experts to advance technologies for the Navy’s future capabilities.”
波音公司SPEAR计划经理史蒂夫·默瑟(Steve Mercer)表示:“ SPEAR飞行演示器将为F/A-18超级大黄蜂和航母打击群提供可及范围内的改进,并提高其对抗先进威胁的防御系统生存能力。 “我们拥有一支才华横溢的工程师团队,可以满足SPEAR计划所需的挑战性技术的要求和时间表。 我们期待与海军专家合作,为海军的未来能力开发先进技术。”

Boeing and the Navy Air Warfare Center Weapons Division plan to fly the SPEAR demonstrator in late 2022. Prior successes by Boeing in developing supersonic and hypersonic technologies include the X-51 Waverider test vehicle in 2010 and the Variable Flow Ducted Rocket propulsion system under the Triple Target Terminator program in 2014.
Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading provider of commercial airplanes, defense, space and security systems, and global services. As a top U.S. exporter, the company supports commercial and government customers in more than 150 countries. Building on a legacy of aerospace leadership, Boeing continues to lead in technology and innovation, deliver for its customers and invest in its people and future growth.
波音公司是全球最大的航空航天公司,也是商用飞机,国防,太空和安全系统以及全球服务的领先提供商。 作为美国最大的出口商,该公司为150多个国家/地区的商业和政府客户提供支持。 在航空航天业领导者的传统基础上,波音公司继续在技术和创新方面处于领先地位,为客户提供服务,并在人员和未来增长方面进行投资。

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