Norinco’s Sharp Claw I UGV in service with Chinese army


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Gabriel Dominguez, London and Juan Ju, Bonn - Jane's Defence Weekly
15 April 2020
加布里埃尔·多明格斯(Gabriel Dominguez),伦敦和胡安·朱(Juan Ju),波恩-《简氏防务周刊》
 A screen grab from a CCTV 7 video showing the Norinco Sharp Claw I UGV. On 13 April the PLA’s Eastern Theatre Command confirmed via its Sina Weibo account media reports that the UGV is now in service with the PLAGF. Source: CCTV 7
CCTV 7视频屏幕截图,显示了北方工业公司“利爪”-I 型UGV。4月13日,中国人民解放军东部战区司令部通过其新浪微博帐号证实,有媒体报道说,无人地面车辆现已在中国人民解放军陆军服役。 来源:CCTV 7
The China North Industries Corporation's (Norinco's) Sharp Claw I unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) has entered service with the People's Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF).
中国北方工业公司(Norinco)的“利爪”(Sharp Claw)- I型无人地面车辆(UGV)已在中国人民解放军陆军部队(PLAGF)服役。
In an announcement made on 13 April via its Sina Weibo account the PLA's Eastern Theatre Command confirmed an 11 April report by the China Central Television 7 (CCTV 7) channel stating that the tracked, combat, and reconnaissance UGV was now in service with the Chinese military.
No information was provided as to when exactly it entered service, the number of platforms being acquired, or which PLAGF units will deploy it.
在4月13日通过其新浪微博账号发布的公告中,解放军东部战区司令部确认了中央电视台第七频道(CCTV 7)4月11日的报道,其中指出,追踪,战斗和侦察无人地面车辆(UGV)目前已在中国军队服役。没有提供有关何时确切服役时间,正在获得的平台数量或哪些中国陆军部队将部署它的信息。
The UGV, which was first unveiled at the Airshow China 2014 exhibition in Zhuhai, weighs 120 kg, is 60 cm high, 70 cm long, and has an operational range of 1 km, according to Jane's Land Warfare Platforms: Logistics, Support & Unmanned .
The platform, which can be carried in the cargo bay of the larger Sharp Claw II UGV, has been designed for use in remote areas unsuitable for personnel to detect and attack targets "in all weather conditions during the day and at night", according to the manufacturer.
据制造公司声称,该平台可搭载在较大的“利刃”(Sharp Claw) II型UGV的货舱中,设计用于不适合人员行动的偏远地区,“在白天和晚上的所有天气条件下”探测和攻击目标。
The platform, which Norinco claims can operate autonomously, can be armed with a 7.62 mm light machine gun.
As Jane's reported, Norinco displayed an improved variant of the Sharp Claw I at Airshow China 2018. The newer version features several upgrades - including an improved short-range electro-optical payload, machine vision, and lighting suite, as well as a refined magazine box and ammunition feed mechanism - aimed at enhancing the platform's reconnaissance and combat capabilities.
正如简氏报道的那样,北方工业公司在2018年中国航展上展示了“利刃”(Sharp Claw) I型的改进型号。新型号具有多项升级功能-包括改进的近距光电有效载荷,机器视觉和照明套件以及一个完善的弹匣和弹药馈进机制-旨在增强平台的侦察和战斗能力。
CCTV 7 also reported on 11 April that the PLA Rocket Force is receiving a "large, crane-like robot that can be used in lifting and loading missiles onto transporter-erector launchers", thus enabling more missiles to be launched from the same launcher within short intervals.

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