China's GAIC reveals first export order for FTC-2000G aircraft


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Gabriel Dominguez, London and Juan Ju, Bonn - Jane's Defence Weekly
19 April 2020
加布里埃尔·多明格斯(Gabriel Dominguez),伦敦和胡安·朱(Juan Ju),波恩-《简氏防务周刊》

China's GAIC has received an export order for an undisclosed number of FTC-2000G AJT/light-attack aircraft. The order was placed by a Southeast Asian country, the identity of which was not revealed by the company. Source: GAIC
中国贵州航空工业集团(GAIC)已收到一份未公开数量的FTC-2000G AJT /轻型攻击机的出口订单。该订单是由一个东南亚国家/地区发出的,该公司并未透露其身份。资料来源:GAIC
China's Guizhou Aviation Industries Corporation (GAIC) has received its first export order for the locally developed FTC-2000G advanced jet trainer (AJT)/light-attack aircraft.
The stated-owned Xinhua News Agency reported on 19 April that the order was placed in early 2020 by an undisclosed Southeast Asian country, with delivery of the "first batch" of aircraft expected to be take place in 2021. No details were provided about the contract value or the number of platforms on order.
"It took less than two years … from the first flight to the signing of the first export order with a certain Southeast Asian country," said GAIC Chairman Wang Wenfei on 16 April, with other media outlets also quoting him as saying that "this is an unprecedented speed in the history of AVIC's made-for-export warplane development".
“从第一次飞行到与某东南亚国家签署第一个出口订单,用了不到两年的时间,” 中国贵州航空工业集团董事长王文飞(Wang Wenfei)4月16日说,其他媒体也援引他的话说,“这是中航工业出口战机发展史上前所未有的速度”。
The announcement came after the first series-produced FTC-2000G, which appears to be based on the GAIC JL-9G two-seat supersonic turbojet-powered trainer operated by the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), conducted its maiden flight on 28 September 2018.
The flight took place only a few weeks after Xinhua had reported that GAIC was series-producing the twin-seat platform in the southern Chinese city of Anshun "to meet the demands from the international market".
The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), which markets the locally developed platform, has stated that the FTC-2000G has a top speed of Mach 1.4 (or 1,728 km/h), a maximum take-off weight of 11 tonnes, a maximum range of 1,650 km (internal fuel), and an operational flight ceiling of 15 km.
The 15.4 m- long and 4.8 m-high aircraft, which is reportedly capable of staying airborne for two hours in a single operation (using internal fuel), is equipped with "modern radar and fire-control systems", can be fitted with up to seven hardpoints, and has a maximum payload capability of 3,000 kg, according to the manufacturer.
据报道,这种长15.4米,高4.8米的飞机可在一个飞行架次中(使用内部燃料)在空中滞留两个小时,并配备了“现代化雷达和火控系统”, 根据制造公司的说法,它具有七个硬挂点,最大有效载荷能力为3,000公斤。

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