Scare Thy Neighbors


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April 21, 2010: There are plenty of places the Chinese Navy can send its ships for training. Sending them to international waters near Okinawa has the added advantage of reminding Japan that China could use force to assert its rights over small islands Japan also claims. Some of these islands have oil and natural gas deposits nearby. Chinese leaders are very concerned about energy supplies, because China has to import nearly all its petroleum, and consumption is growing rapidly. Thus China blocks Western attempts to impose strong sanctions on Iran, which is a major oil supplier to China. In return, China is believed to have also helped Iran with its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs.


China is also still very concerned with Japanese military and economic power. Add to that the smoldering resentment for Japanese occupation and atrocities from the 1880s to the 1940s, and you have potential for war that is little appreciated outside the region. In fact, China has tense relationships with all its neighbors, in addition to a long history of Chinese aggression. The growing economic power of China is seen, but Chinese neighbors, as another weapon the Chinese will use against them.


Internet security experts in North America and India have uncovered a major Cyber War operation, coming out of China, and aimed at the Indian military and defense industries. The security researchers caught the hackers in the act, and traced them back to China. The Chinese deny everything, but the evidence keeps piling up that China has, for years, been stealing huge quantities of commercial, military and government data.


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