Hermes 1500


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This is a large endurance UAV that can easily be mistaken for any number of private twin-engine passenger aircraft. It is ifact a well-appointed UAV for long-range surveillance and tactical reconnaissance. These aircraft were not used by the Israelis, but were bought by several Israeli allies and business interests, most notably the South Africans, Argentines, and Singapore, as well as some civilian scientific agencies for land survey and mapmaking. 
In an press release on 2 June 1998, Elbit Systems Ltd announced the first flight of the Hermes 1500.
Although Hermes 450 has a 20-hour endurance and a ceiling of 18,000 ft, there is, according to Israeli Defence Force sources, still a necessity in future operations for UAVs which surpass both these specifications. Baring this in mind, both companies are also continuing to development medium altitude long endurance (MALE) UAVs. In an attempt to meet this future requirement, Elbit/Silver Arrow is working on its twin-engined Hermes 1500 and IAI/MALAT, the Heron 1.

Ground Control Station
Main Features
Mission planning, management & control 
Built-in data exploitation and dissemination 
Full mission debriefing & simulation 
Identical and redundant consoles 
Single operator, advanced HMI 
Ruggelized COTS H/W 
Commercial S/W tools 
Common GCS / DGCS (Down-sized GCS) to Hermes A/V family 
Interoperability - STANAG optional 
S-280 or downsize mobile station
    Ruggelized COTS H/W 
    对“赫尔墨斯”(Hermes)A/V系列产品通用GCS/ DGCS(缩小-尺寸制造GCS)
Main Features
Uses: ISTAR, SIGINT, Comm relay and other 
Powerplant: Twin 100 hp Rotax engines 
Dimensions: Wingspan 18m, fuselage length 9.4m 
Weight: 1650kg 
Performance: Endurance over 26hrs, Altitude over 33kft, max speed 130 KTAS@S.L. 
Multi-payload capability: Up to 350 kg, 9.8 kW (EO, IR and Laser designator SAR GMTI and other). 
Complete redundancy of all sub-systems: Engines, flight computer, avionics, mechanical and power supply 
Datalink: LOS and/or Satellite comm. 
Guidance/Tracking: Fully autonomous or manual flight 
Launch: Runway 
Recovery: Runway 
Structural composition: Fully composite 
Avionics and GCS common to all Hermes UAV family
    使用: ISTAR、SIGINT、通信中继和其它
    动力装置: 双100马力 Rotax发动机
    尺寸: 翼展 18 米, 机身长度 9.4 米
    重量: 1650 公斤
    性能: 续航力26小时,在33 千英尺高度,最大速度 130 KTAS@S.L。 
    多负载能力: 达到 350 公斤,9.8千瓦(EO、IR、激光指示装置、SAR GMTI和其它) 
    所有的子系统全部冗余: 发动机、飞行计算机、航空电子设备、机械设备和电源
    数据链: LOS及[或]卫星通信。 
    引导/跟踪: 完全自主或手动飞行
    发射: 跑道
    回收: 跑道
    结构组成: 全复合材料

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