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Elbit Systems has chosen Asian Aerospace for the first sight of the Hermes 180, the latest member of the Israeli company's family of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). 

After a year-long development programme through its Silver Arrow subsidiary, flight-testing of the 180 is due to start next month.

Positioned at the high end of tactical, close-range UAVs, its performance figures include a typical ceiling of 15,000ft (4,575m), endurance of more than 10h and an operating radius of more than 100km (55nm). 
高级战术配置,近程无人机(UAV),它的性能指标包括一个典型15,000英尺(4,575 米)升限,超过10小时的续飞能力和超过100公里(55英里)操作半径。

The composite-structure UAV is powered by a 38hp (28kW) UEL rotary engine and uses common components from other members of the Hermes family.
复合材料-结构无人机(UAV)由一台38马力(28千瓦) UEL旋缸发动机提供动力和使用来自“赫尔墨斯”(Hermes)系列产品其它型号的通用零件。

The new model would typically be operated at brigade level, providing surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance capabilities.

The new vehicle is the result of careful analysis of the market. “There's a lot of confusion in the army tactical area,” says Haim Kellerman, vice- president, UAV Systems, at the show.
新的无人机是市场仔细分析的结果。无人机(UAV)系统副董事长Haim Kellerman在展览上称,“在军队战术区域有大量的混淆”。
“There are a lot of contradictory requirements. Armies want a high-performance payload and long endurance, but they also want a small vehicle that can be launched from the field and be very mobile.”

“We found that most armies want day/night performance and laser designators. The smallest possible weight of payload with those sensors was 30-35kg, so we designed the aircraft around that,” says Kellerman. Alternative payloads, such as synthetic aperture radar, can easily be substituted, he adds.

Major design aims of the Hermes 180 were mobility and ruggedness, says Kellerman. An entire system – ground station, three or four UAVs and support equipment – fits in a Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules and the unit's team of “less than 10 men” can have the system assembled and ready “in a few hours”.

“The key is to make it very simple. You don't have to be a pilot to operate it. You point the sensor at what you want to see and the aircraft automatically heads towards it. It will circle the area automatically at a distance set by the operator.”
Ground Control Station 

Main Features

Mission planning, management & control 
Built-in data exploitation and dissemination 
Full mission debriefing & simulation 
Identical and redundant consoles 
Single operator, advanced HMI 
Ruggelized COTS H/W 
Commercial S/W tools 
Common GCS / DGCS (Down-sized GCS) to Hermes A/V family 
Interoperability - STANAG optional S-280 or downsize mobile station 
 互通性-可选择STANAG S-280或小型化移动站
Main Features 
Missions: ISTAR 
Powerplant: 38 hp rotary UEL engine 
Dimensions: Wingspan 6m, fuselage length 3.47m, total length 4.43m 
Weight: 195kg 
Performance: Endurance over 10hrs, Altitude over 15kft, Max speed 105 KTAS@S.L
Payload: Up to 32 kg, 1.2 kW (EO, IR and Laser designator, SAR GMTI) 
Datalink: LOS 
Guidance/Tracking: Fully autonomous or manual flight 
Launch: Dual system - catapult and/or runway 
Recovery: Dual system - parachute and air bag and/or runway
Structural composition: Fully composite 
Highly mobile, quick deployment 
Fully redundant flight computer avionics, and power supply 
Avionics and GCS common to all Hermes UAV family
动力装置: 38 马力 回转式UEL发动机
尺寸: 翼展 6 米,机身长度 3.47 米,总长度 4.43 米
重量: 195 公斤
性能: 续飞时间10小时,升限15千英尺,最大速度 105 KTAS@S.L
负载: 达到 32 公斤,1.2千瓦(EO、IR和激光指示器,SAR GMTI)
数据链: 瞄准线(LOS)
引导/跟踪: 完全自主或手动飞行
发射: 双重系统 - 弹射器及[或]跑道
回收: 双重系统 - 降落伞和气囊及[或]跑道
结构组成: 完全复合材料

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