Chinese military using commercial Ro-Ro shipping to enhance its amphibious capabilities


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23 AUGUST 2021
by Andrew Tate
2021 年 8 月 23 日
China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) is continuing to develop its amphibious capabilities by using commercial ships to increase its capacity to transport military equipment.
Video footage released by state broadcaster China Centra Television (CCTV) on 17 August showed military vehicles of the 73rd Group Army being embarked on Bohai Zhen Zhu (‘Bohai Pearl'): a 24,000-tonne roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) commercial ferry with the capacity to transport more than 200 vehicles.
8月17日,中央电视台(CCTV)发布的视频片段显示,第73集团军的军车正在登上“渤海明珠”号(“‘Bohai Pearl”)客滚船:一艘24,000吨滚装/滚装(ro-ro)商业渡轮,可运送200多辆汽车。
The vessel is operated by the Bohai Ferry Group, the ships of which can be co-opted into the PLA's 8th Transport Group, according to the ‘China Maritime Report No. 4: Civil Transport in PLA Power' published in December 2019 by the US Naval War College's China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI). The report also identifies ships of the Hainan Strait Shipping Company forming the 9th Transport Group, while the 5th Transport Group is thought to comprise ships of the CSC RoRo Logistics Company.
根据美国海军战争学院中国海事研究所(CMSI)2019年12月发布的《中国海事报告第4号:解放军能力中的民用运输》报告,该船由渤海轮渡集团运营,其船舶可并入解放军第八运输集团。该报告还确定了海南海峡航运股份有限公司(Hainan Strait Shipping Company)的船舶组成第九运输集团,而第五运输集团被认为包括深圳长航滚装物流有限公司(CSC RoRo Logistics Company)的船舶。

A screengrab from footage released by CCTV on 17 August showing a military truck belonging to an amphibious brigade under the PLAGF's 73rd Group Army rolling off the ramp of the Bohai Zhen Zhu commercial ferry commercial ferry as part of a training exercise. (CCTV)
An analysis by Thomas Shugart published on on 16 August questioned whether assessments made by the US Department of Defence and the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, which conclude that the PLA currently lacks the amphibious lift capacity required to support an invasion of Taiwan, have taken sufficient account of the commercial shipping that would be requisitioned for such an operation.
托马斯·舒加特(Thomas Shugart)于8月16日在 WarOnTheRocks.com网站上发表的分析质疑美国国防部和美中经济与安全审查委员会的评估是否得出结论,认为解放军目前缺乏支持夺取台湾地区所需的两栖运输能力,是否充分考虑到此类操作将被征用的商业航运。
CCTV did not reveal when the service took place but Shugart posted on Twitter on 25 July that two other large ro-ro vessels, the 33,000-tonne Bohai Ma Zhu.
中央电视台没有透露服务何时进行,但舒加特于7月25日在推特上发布了另外两艘大型滚装船,包括33,000吨的“渤海玛珠”号(Bohai Ma Zhu)客滚船。

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