China's TB001 reconnaissance UAV sighted near Japanese airspace for the first time


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26 AUGUST 2021
by Kelvin Wong
作者:黄凯文(Kelvin Wong)
The Japanese Ministry of Defense's (MoD's) Joint Staff Office announced on 25 August that fighters scrambled by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) have intercepted a new type of Chinese medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (MALE UAV) that skirted Japanese airspace, flying over the East China Sea in the direction of the Nansei/Ryukyu Island chain the day before.
日本防卫省联合参谋办公室8月25日宣布,前一天日本航空自卫队(JASDF)的战斗机拦截了绕过日本领空的中国新型中空长航时无人机(MALE UAV) ,该无人机飞越东海朝南西诸岛/琉球岛链方向飞去。
The JASDF has also visually identified the UAV as the TB001, although it did not provide further details other than the observed flightpath of the air vehicle, which saw it approach Okinawa and Miyako Island, before turning back to Chinese airspace in the vicinity of disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands.
日本航空自卫队还在视觉上将这架无人机识别为TB001型,但除了观察到的飞行器飞行路径外,没有提供更多的细节,看到它接近冲绳和宫古岛,然后返回中国主张钓鱼岛(Diaoyu Islands)附近的中国领空。
Tengden's TB-001 reconnaissance UAV seen flying near Japanese airspace for the first time. Previous UAV encounters were largely with the smaller BZK-005 UAVs. (Joint Staff Office/JASDF)
On the same day, the JASDF also intercepted a separate flight of other Chinese military aircraft comprising an in-service BZK-005 reconnaissance UAV and two Shaanxi Y-9 surveillance aircraft – with one configured for maritime patrol and the other for signals intelligence operations – which overflew the Miyako Strait between Miyako Island and Okinawa into the Pacific Ocean before returning to China.
Based on JASDF imagery, Janes can confirm that the BZK-005 UAV is an upgraded variant that is specifically configured for wide-area intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions with an undernose synthetic aperture radar (SAR) radome – possibly housing a Ku-band D3010 SAR system with a dual-mode SAR/ground moving target indicator (GMTI) capability – and a mid-mounted ventral electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) turret.
根据日本航空自卫队(JASDF)图像,简氏周刊可以确认BZK-005型无人机是一种升级改型,专门为广域情报、监视和侦察 (ISR) 任务而配置,带有机鼻下合成孔径雷达 (SAR) 天线罩——可能装有一个Ku波段D3010 SAR系统,具有双模式合成孔径雷达 (SAR)/地面移动目标指示器 (GMTI) 功能 - 和中置腹部光电/红外 (EO/IR) 转塔。

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