South Korean navy commissions first KSS-III-class, SLBM-capable submarine


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13 AUGUST 2021
by Gabriel Dominguez & Dae Young Kim & Matteo Scarano
The Republic of Korea Navy (RoKN) has commissioned its first locally developed, diesel-electric attack submarine (SSK) capable of deploying submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs).
大韩民国海军 (RoKN) 已服役其第一艘能够部署潜射弹道导弹 (SLBM) 的本国开发的柴电攻击潜艇 (SSK)。
Named Dosan An Chang-ho (pennant number SS 083), the 83.5 m-long boat, which is the RoKN's first of a planned fleet of nine KSS-III-class submarines, entered service in a ceremony held on 13 August at the facilities of Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) at Okpo on Geoje Island.
潜艇命名为Dosan An Chang-ho(“岛山安昌浩”号)(弦号 SS 083),艇长83.5米,是韩国计划的九艘KSS-III(“张保皋III”)级潜艇舰队中的第一艘,于8月13日在位于巨济岛玉浦的大宇造船和海洋工程公司(DSME)的工厂中举行的仪式上服役。

The RoKN commissioned Dosan An Chang-ho , its first KSS-III-class SSK, in a ceremony held on 13 August at DSME's Okpo shipyard on Geoje Island. (RoKN)
韩国海军(RoKN)于8月13日在巨济岛的DSME玉浦造船厂举行的仪式上服役了其首艘KSS-III级SSK Dosan An Chang-ho号潜艇。(韩国)
Equipped with locally made lead-acid batteries and an air-independent propulsion (AIP) system featuring hydrogen fuel cells, Dosan An Chang-ho is expected to be operationally deployed from August 2022 after undergoing a series of operational performance and capability evaluations, according to an RoKN statement.
Fitted with noise-reduction technology, the submarine, which displaces 3,358 tonnes when surfaced and 3,705 tonnes when submerged, has a stated maximum speed of about 20 kt, a cruising range of 10,000 n miles, and can accommodate a crew of 50, according to Janes Fighting Ships .
据《简氏战舰》,该潜艇采用降噪技术,浮出水面排水量3,358吨,水下排水量3,705吨,最大航速约20节,航程10,000海里,可容纳50 名船员。
Launched by DSME in September 2018, Dosan An Chang-ho , which has a beam of 9.6 m, is now the largest submarine in the RoKN's inventory: about 18 m longer and 3.3 m wider than the service's 1,800-tonne KSS-II-class boats.
It is equipped with an active and passive sonar suite from LIG Nex1, including bow cylindrical, flank, intercept, ranging, and towed arrays, as well as the Hanwha Systems Naval Shield Integrated Combat Management System (ICMS). It also features the Safran attack periscope and optronic mast, and the Indra Pegaso radar electronic support measurement (RESM) system.
它配备了韩国LIG Nex1公司的主动和被动声纳套件,包括艇艏、艇侧、拦截、测距和拖曳阵列,以及韩华系统公司海军盾牌综合作战管理系统(ICMS)。它还具有法国赛峰集团国防电子公司(Sagem)攻击潜望镜和光电桅杆,以及Indra Pegaso公司雷达电子支援测量(RESM)系统。

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