New MRL system in service with PLA's Tibet Military Command


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27 JULY 2021
by Gabriel Dominguez & Samuel Cranny-Evans
2021 年 7 月 27 日
Chinese state-owned media has revealed that a new wheeled multiple rocket launcher (MRL) system has entered service with a combined arms brigade under the People's Liberation Army's (PLA's) Tibet Military Command.

A screengrab from video footage released by CCTV on 24 July showing that a new MRL has entered service with the PLA's Tibet Military Command.  (CCTV)
In a news report released by China Central Television (CCTV) on 24 July several examples of the new 4×4 MRL were shown being used in a live-fire exercise at an undisclosed location on a Tibetan plateau alongside other assets, including Dongfeng Mengshi CSK181 armoured vehicles and several examples of the new self-propeller howitzer (SPH) commonly referred to as the PCL-161.
在中国中央电视台 (CCTV) 7 月 24 日发布的新闻报道中,展示了几辆新型4×4 MRL示例与其他装备一起在青藏高原一处未公开地点的实弹演习中使用,包括东风猛士CSK181装甲车和通常称为PCL-161的新型自行榴弹炮 (SPH) 等几种示例。
CCTV described the platform, the designation of which was not disclosed, as a “newly inducted modular MRL”.
No further details were provided about the new MRL, which appears to be based on the same truck chassis as the PCL-161. That said, the footage shows that it is fitted with a 20-tube launcher armed with what appear to be 122 mm rockets.
The launcher bears some similarities with those seen on the 6×6 SR7 MRL system, a model of which was displayed by the China North Industries Group Corporation (Norinco) at the 2017 IDEX international defence exhibition.
该发射器与6×6 SR7 MRL系统上的发射器有一些相似之处,该系统的模型由中国兵器工业集团公司(Norinco)在 2017 年阿布扎比防务展上展出。
The SR7 was described at the time as a modular system capable of carrying either 20 122 mm rockets, or six 220 mm rockets. CCTV's reference to the MRL system seen in Tibet as also being “modular” may indicate that it is based on the SR7.

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