Russia unveils Kh-59MKM upgrade variant air-to-surface missile


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28 JULY 2021
by Nikolai Novichkov
2021 年 7 月 28 日
The Raduga Design Bureau, a subsidiary of Russia's state-owned JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV), unveiled an upgraded derivative of the TV-guided Kh-59MK extended-range air-to-surface missile at the MAKS 2021 International Aviation and Space Salon, held in Zhukovsky on 20–25 July.
俄罗斯国有JSC战术导弹公司(KTRV) 的子公司拉杜加设计局在7 月 20 日至 25 日在茹科夫斯基(Zhukovsky)机场举行的MAKS 2021国际航空航天展览会上推出了电视制导Kh-59MK增程空对地导弹的升级衍生产品。
With an all-up weight of 930 kg, the new Kh-59MKM is 5.7 m in length, 380 mm in diameter (with a slightly larger nose section diameter of 420 mm), and a has wingspan of 1.3 m. While the Kh-59MKM airframe retains the same airframe dimensions as the earlier Kh-59MK, the absence of a seeker section has enabled the inclusion of a heavier warhead, a KTRV spokesperson told Janes .
新型Kh-59MKM总重930公斤,长 5.7米,直径380毫米(弹头截面直径稍大,为420毫米),翼展1.3米。一位 KTRV发言人告诉简氏,虽然Kh-59MKM弹体保留了与早期Kh-59MK相同的弹身尺寸,但由于没有导引头部分,因此可以包含更重的弹头。
Designed to penetrate static hardened and buried targets, the missile is equipped with a 360 kg lethality package comprising a 40 kg array of four shaped pre-charges with a contact delayed-action fuse mounted under the radome, and an organic 320 kg penetrating tandem warhead. The KTRV spokesperson said that Kh-59MKM is able to penetrate up to 3 m of reinforced concrete.
该导弹设计用于穿透静态硬化和掩体目标,配备360公斤杀伤能力套件,包括一个40公斤的四个成型预装药阵列,天线罩下安装有接触式延迟引信,以及一个一体320公斤穿透串联弹头 。KTRV发言人表示,Kh-59MKM能够穿透厚达3米的钢筋混凝土。

Model of the new Raduga Design Bureau Kh-59MKM air-to-surface missile  shown at the MAKS 2021 exhibition in Zhukovsky on 20-25 July. Note the four pre-charges under the radome. (N.Novichkov)
7 月 20 日至 25 日在茹科夫斯基举办的MAKS 2021展览会上展示的彩虹设计局(RADUGA)新型Kh-59MKM空对地导弹模型。注意天线罩下的四个预装药战斗部。(N.诺维奇科夫)

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