Image suggests HJ-12 ATGW is in service with PLA's Tibet Military Command


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26 JULY 2021
by Gabriel Dominguez & Amael Kotlarski
2021 年 7 月 26 日
Chinese state-owned media have released an image suggesting that the Hongjian-12 (J-12) manportable anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) system is being operated by the People's Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF).
A photograph released on 22 July via the WeChat account of the PLA's Tibet Military Command shows a soldier carrying a launch tube assembly (LTA) that is very similar in appearance to that used by the HJ-12 system. The picture was released as part of a report about a PLAGF brigade conducting exercises on a Tibetan plateau and about how the unit is “improving its level of combat training”.
No further details were provided about the third-generation ATGW, including how long it has been in PLA service and where it is also being operated by other PLAGF units.
The system made headlines in March 2020 when manufacturer China North Industries Corporation (Norinco) announced that it has completed deliveries of its Red Arrow 12E – the export designation of the HJ-12 – to a foreign customer. The company said at the time that the move marked the first export of the ATGW but did not provide any details about the contract value, the identity of the customer, or the number of systems exported.
该系统于2020年3月成为头条新闻,当时制造商中国兵器工业集团公司 (Norinco) 宣布已完成向外国客户交付其红箭-12E(HJ-12的出口命名)。该公司当时表示,此举标志着ATGW 的首次出口,但没有提供任何有关合同金额、客户身份或出口系统数量的详细信息。
Some media reports have claimed that the first export costumer was Algeria, although this has yet to be confirmed.

The Red Arrow 12, the export version of the HJ-12 ATGW system, at a defence exhibition in China.
红箭-12,HJ-12 ATGW系统的出口版本,在中国的国防展览中。(RD 费舍尔)
A full-scale mock-up of the system was first shown at the 2014 Airshow China, with a company spokesperson telling Janes.

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