PLANAF J-11BH fighter seen using potentially new ECM pod


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19 JULY 2021
by Andreas Rupprecht & Alessandra Giovanzanti
2021 年 7 月 19 日
作者:安德烈亚斯·鲁普雷希特 & 莱桑德拉·约瓦赞蒂
Chinese state-owned media has released video footage showing a J-11BH multirole fighter aircraft operated by China's People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force (PLANAF) equipped with a previously unseen electronic countermeasures (ECM) pod.
Chinese state-owned media released video footage on 15 July showing a PLANAF J-11BH multirole fighter aircraft equipped with a previously unseen ECM pod. (CCTV via
中国官方媒体于 7 月 15 日发布的视频片段显示,一架 PLANAF J-11BH型多用途战斗机配备了从未见过的 ECM 吊舱。(中央电视台
The video, which was released on 15 July via the website, shows the aircraft during take off carrying an ECM pod that is different in appearance from the KL700B pod commonly used by the PLA Air Force's (PLAAF's) J-11B fighters. This is also the first time that a PLANAF J-11BH has been seen carrying an ECM pod.
这段视频于 7 月 15 日通过 网站发布,显示该飞机在起飞时携带的 ECM 吊舱与中国人民解放军空军(PLAAF)J-11B型战斗机常用的KL700B吊舱不同。这也是第一次看到PLANAF J-11BH型携带ECM吊舱。
The footage was part of a news report by China Central Television (CCTV) about a combined naval exercise involving several PLA Navy vessels, as well as aviation units from the Southern Theatre Command.
这段视频是中国中央电视台 (CCTV) 新闻报道的一部分,内容涉及解放军多艘海军舰艇以及南方战区航空兵部队的联合海军演习。
No information was provided about the ECM pod.
A few days later, on 18 July, images emerged via the Weibo social media platform showing a PLAAF J-11A re-equipped with new identification friend-or-foe antennas under the nose and on top of the tail boom that are similar in appearance to those used to upgrade older J-10A and J-10S fighters.
几天后,也就是7月18日,微博社交媒体平台上出现的图片显示,一架PLAAF J-11A型在机头下方和尾翼顶部重新配备了新的识别敌我天线,外观与用于升级旧的J-10A型和J-10S型战斗机的相似。

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