EU, China sign investment treaty


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04 JANUARY 2021
by Jon Grevatt
The European Union and China have agreed in principle an accord to facilitate greater levels of EU investment in the Asian country. The treaty includes clauses relevant to national security and China’s efforts to develop military capability through advanced commercial technologies.
欧洲联盟和中国原则上同意一项协议,以促进欧盟在亚洲国家的更多投资。 该条约包括有关国家安全和中国通过先进商业技术发展军事能力的条款。
The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) – announced on 30 December – took seven years of bilateral talks to conclude and, according to the EU, is intended to “significantly improve the market access conditions for EU companies in China”. The agreement will come into effect once formally approved and ratified by Beijing and Brussels.

The EU has signed an investment agreement with China that seeks to address forced technology transfers to the Asian country. (Getty Images)
In terms of national security, the CAI contains a section that is likely intended to address China’s efforts to leverage investment to gain access to foreign technologies. The practice is regarded as important by China in supporting its military-civil fusion (MCF) strategy.
在国家安全方面,CAI包含一个部分,很可能是为了解决中国利用投资获取外国技术的努力。 这一做法被中国视为支持其军民融合战略的重要举措。
“The CAI lays very clear rules against the forced transfer of technology,” the EU said in a press release explaining key elements of the agreement.
It added, “The provisions consist of the prohibition of several types of investment requirements that compel transfer of technology, such as requirements to transfer technology to a joint-venture partner, as well as prohibitions to interfere in contractual freedom in technology licensing.”
Moreover, the EU said that the CAI seeks to “make investment fairer” through a clause that seeks to “discipline the behaviour of SOEs [China’s state-owned enterprises] by requiring them to act in accordance with commercial considerations and not to discriminate in their purchases and sales of goods or services”.

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