China's CASIC targets international expansion


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07 OCTOBER 2020
by Jon Grevatt
乔恩·格雷瓦特(Jon Grevatt)
The China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) – one of the country’s most important defence enterprises – has outlined plans to expand in both domestic and international markets. The plan is part of the group’s growth strategy during China’s 14th Five Year Plan (FYP), which runs 2021–25.
In a recent conference outlining its proposed development during the 14th FYP senior CASIC leaders said the group’s aim over the coming five years is to become a “world-class aerospace defence company” that supports China’s strategies for national defence development and economic expansion.

CASIC – manufacturer of Chinese missile systems including the HQ-9 air defence system, seen here on parade in 2019 – has outlined its expansion plans for China’s (2021–25) 14th Five Year Plan (FYP). (Chinese MoD)
Yuan Jie, CASIC’s president, said the group is positioned to pursue “informationisation, socialisation, marketisation, and internationalisation” during the 14th FYP. This is reference to requirements to enhance technological innovation, support the development of Chinese society, industrial reforms to support market-oriented companies, and global expansion.
中航工业集团(CASIC)总裁袁洁(Yuan Jie)表示,该集团的定位是在“十四五”期间实现“信息化,社会化,市场化和国际化”。这是指加强技术创新,支持中国社会发展,进行工业改革以支持市场导向型公司以及全球扩张的要求。
Underscoring the significance of the next five years for CASIC, Yuan also described the 14th FYP as a “decisive period” for the group, which is focused on developing and manufacturing products including missiles, advanced weaponry, space, and unmanned systems as well as their associated technologies and components.
袁洁(Yuan Jie)强调了中航工业集团(CASIC)未来五年的意义,并将第14个五年计划描述为该集团的“决定性时期”,该集团专注于研发和制造包括导弹,先进武器,太空和无人系统及其产品在内产品的相关技术和部件。
Yuan went on to outline several priority areas for CASIC during the 14th FYP. These include corporate restructuring to optimise efficiencies and increased competitiveness, investment in advanced technologies in both civilian and military domains, to strengthen corporate leadership and skills, to “give prominence” to international operations and “enhance international market competitiveness”.
袁洁(Yuan Jie)接着概述了第14个五年规划期间中航工业集团(CASIC)的几个优先领域。其中包括企业重组,以优化效率和提高竞争力,投资民用和军用领域的先进技术,加强公司领导能力和技能,“突出”国际业务和“增强国际市场竞争力”。

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