Pentagon seeks to move quickly on EMSO strategy implementation


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05 OCTOBER 2020
by Carlo Munoz
The US Department of Defense hopes to move quickly on an implementation plan for the Pentagon’s soon-to-be released strategy for electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO), which will be the first major doctrinal overhaul of those operations since 2013.
Officials from the Pentagon’s Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Cross Functional Team (EMSO CFT), as well as senior departmental leaders, anticipate having an implementation plan in place for the new strategy within six months of the guidance’s final approval, according to US Air Force Brigadier General Darrin Leleux.
据美国空军准将达林·列勒瑟斯(Darrin Leleux)称,五角大楼电磁频谱操作跨职能小组(EMSO CFT)的官员以及部门高级领导预计,在该指南最终批准后的六个月内,将为新战略制定实施计划。 
“The implementation plan development effort will be designed to identify tasks, reorganisation, timelines, resource requirements and risks to meet the strategy’s goals and objectives,” said Brig Gen Leleux, who serves as the team’s deputy director. He said the terms of reference for the plan have already been approved by senior leaders.
团队副主任准将达林·列勒瑟斯(Darrin Leleux)表示:“实施计划的开发工作旨在确定任务,重组,时间表,资源需求和风险,以实现该战略的目标。” 他说,该计划的职权范围已经得到高级领导人的批准。
“The new EMSO strategy should build upon the successes of past strategies,” while also charting a new course that supersedes previous doctrine on those types of operations first issued in 2013, as well as 2017 guidance on electronic warfare operations, Brig Gen Leleux said during a 29 September virtual symposium hosted by the Association of Old Crows.
准将达林·列勒瑟斯(Darrin Leleux)在9月29日由老乌鸦协会(Old Crows)主办的虚拟座谈会期间说:“新的EMSO战略应该建立在过去战略的成功基础上,”同时还制定了一条新的路线,以取代先前关于2013年首次发布的这类作战理论以及2017年有关电子战作战的指导原则。

Pentagon officials are poised to issue new doctrine governing EMSO by late 2020.  (US Army )

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