Update UK paratroopers drop debut into Ukraine


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by Tim Ripley
蒂姆·里普利(Tim Ripley)
British Army paratroopers jumped into Ukraine for the first time, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on its website on 19 September.

Some 250 paratroopers from the British Army’s 16 Air Assault Brigade were flown directly from the UK by RAF C-130 for their first drop in southern Ukraine. (Crown Copyright)
A 250-strong force from the brigade was flown directly from Royal Air Force (RAF) Brize Norton in the UK by RAF C-130, dropping on the Ternivsky training area from an altitude of 600 ft (183 m). They included members of the Royal Engineers, Royal Horse Artillery, Royal Signals, The Parachute Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps, and The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
该旅一支250名人员的强力部队直接从英国皇家空军(RAF)布里兹·诺顿空军基地(Brize Norton)出发搭乘英国皇家空军C-130运输机,从600英尺(183米)的高度降落在特涅夫斯基训练区。他们包括皇家工兵,皇家骑马炮兵,皇家通信兵,伞兵团,皇家后勤军团和皇家电气和机械工程师。
The C-130Js were refuelled in the air by an RAF Voyager tanker aircraft, which was cleared for this capability in April 2014, according to RAF sources. Images of the air-to-air refuelling of two RAF C-130Js of 47 Squadron and Voyager tanker aircraft were released by the UK MoD on 23 September.
据英国皇家空军消息人士称,英国皇家空军A330“航行者”加油机在空中为C-130J飞机加油,2014年4月,该飞机已获准使用这种能力。 英国国防部于9月23日发布了第47中队两架RAF C-130J运输机和A330“航行者”号加油机的空中加油图像。
During the mission on 16 September, one C-130J dropped a stick of paratroopers and the second aircraft delivered cargo pallets, according to imagery of the drop. On the return leg back to RAF Brize Norton, the aircraft were met by a single Voyager and refuelled to enable them to return to the UK without landing.
在9月16日执行任务期间,一架C-130J空降了一支伞兵部队,根据空投的图像显示第二架飞机运送了货物托盘。 在返回英国皇家空军布赖兹·诺顿空军基地的回程中,一架“航行者”加油机与飞机相遇并加油,使他们能够在不着陆的情况下返回英国。
Imagery of the exercise indicates that the airdrop took place over multiple days, with the first drops by 16 Air Assault Brigade’s Pathfinder Platoon and 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment, taking place on 13 September and another drop the following day. The C-130J involved in these missions did not receive air-to-air refuelling.
演习的图像表明,空投持续了数天,第一批空投是由第16空中突击旅的探路者排和伞兵团第三营在9月13日进行的,第二天又进行了。 参与这些任务的C-130J没有进行空中加油。
A senior RAF source told Janes.

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