USSOCOM details HEO progress


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14 MAY 2020

US Special Operations Command’s (USSOCOM’s) Hyper Enabled Operator (HEO) concept will focus on the support of partnering and unconventional warfare operations, service officials disclosed this week.

Addressing delegates at the virtual Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) on 12 May, USSOCOM Director of the HEO Joint Acquisition Task Force (JATF), Colonel Ryan Barnes described how the HEO would provide the internet of things (IoT) and data analytics to operators at the ”edge”.
在5月12日举行的虚拟特种作战部队工业会议(SOFIC)上,美国特种作战司令部“超级启用操作员”(HEO)联合采办工作组(JATF)主任瑞安·巴恩斯(Ryan Barnes)上校向代表们介绍了“超级启用操作员”(HEO)将如何向处于“边缘”的运营商提供物联网(IoT)和数据分析。

Hyper Enabled Operators could soon be supported by rear echelon command and control stations featuring machine learning algorithms designed to enhance decision-making processes.

Reiterating the JATF’s latest mission statement, Barnes described the current focus of the programme is to “enable partner nation operations competing below the level of armed conflict … using commercial/government off-the-shelf [COTS/GOTS] sensors and communications devices on an industry based architecture to increase shared awareness of the battlespace.
巴恩斯重申联合部队最近的任务声明,称该方案目前的重点是"使合作伙伴国的业务能够在武装冲突水平之下进行竞争……在基于工业架构上使用商业/政府[COTS / GOTS]现成的传感器和通信设备,以提高对作战空间的共享认识。"

“We are looking to do that in partner nation operations and unconventional warfare scenarios, which all ties back to the National Defense Strategy,” Barnes added.

He noted that advanced analytics generated on board the operator could be processed and exploited at a “higher echelon” before being returned to the operator in near real-time to assist in situation awareness and the decision-making process.

Specific lines of effort include: “Operator Worn Computer Kit; sensors and edge computer processing; application development; software-defined, mission, and hardware agnostic architecture; human machine interfaces; information realisation; and beyond line of sight communications”.

According to USSOCOM Acquisition Executive Jim Smith, partnering operations can be limited by language translation as well as voice to text and text to voice capabilities.
据美国特种作战司令部采购执行官吉姆·史密斯(Jim Smith)称,合作操作员可能受到语言翻译以及语音到文本和文本到语音功能的限制。

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