PLAGF brigade in Eastern Theatre Command also operates new 155 mm SPH


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Gabriel Dominguez, London and Juan Ju, Bonn - Jane's Defence Weekly
29 April 2020
加布里埃尔·多明格斯(Gabriel Dominguez),伦敦和胡安(Juan Ju),波恩-简氏防务周刊

A screengrab from a CCTV 7 report shows at least 14 PLC-181 SPHs in service with a PLA artillery brigade in the Eastern Theatre Command. Source: CCTV 7
CCTV 7报道的屏幕截图显示,东部战区司令部的PLA炮兵旅中至少有14辆PLC-181 SPH正在服役。来源:CCTV 7
Chinese state-owned television has revealed that the People's Liberation Army Ground Force's (PLAGF's) new 155 mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer - believed to have the designation PLC-181 - is also being operated by an artillery brigade under the People's Liberation Army's (PLA's) Eastern Theatre Command.

In a video posted online on 28 April, the China Central Television 7 (CCTV 7) channel reported that the 25-tonne SPH, which is manufactured by China North Industries Corporation (Norinco) and has the export designation SH-15, features an automatic gun-laying system, a semi-automatic ammunition loading system, a digitised control board, and has room for six personnel in the cabin area (including the driver). The video also shows that the brigade has been equipped with at least 15 units of the SPH.
在4月28日在线发布的视频中,中央电视台7套(CCTV 7)频道报道说,这种25吨自行榴弹炮(SPH)由中国北方工业公司(Norinco)制造,出口标识为SH-15型,具有自动火炮瞄准系统,半自动弹药装填系统,数字控制板,并在车舱区域可容纳六名人员(包括驾驶员)。视频还显示,该旅已装备了至少15辆自行榴弹炮。

No further details were provided regarding the system - which may also bear the designation PLL-18, as this meets previously understood PLA designation conventions - or concerning other PLAGF units currently operating the SPH, which has been in service since at least January 2019. At the time, the state-owned Global Times newspaper reported that a PLAGF artillery brigade stationed in Tibet had been equipped with the new SPH to "boost its combat capability and improve border security".

According to Norinco, the SH-15, which is based on a 6×6 truck chassis and is capable of travelling at a top speed of 90 km/h on roads, is fitted with a 155 mm L52 howitzer capable of firing between four and six rounds per minute.

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