China’s GAIC completes assembly of modified naval variant of JL-9 trainer aircraft


Date:2020-04-21 Source:Jane's By:Globalmil Viewed:

Andrew Tate, London - Jane's Defence Weekly
21 April 2020

On 16 March GAIC released a CGI of a JL-9 trainer overflying one of the PLAN’s aircraft carriers. Source: GAIC
3月16日,GAIC发布了一架JL-9教练机的CGI,该机飞越了PLAN的一艘航母。 资料来源:GAIC
China's Guizhou Aircraft Industry Corporation (GAIC) has further fuelled speculation that it is developing a trainer aircraft suitable for carrier deck landings by announcing on 20 April via its Weixin social media site that it has assembled the first airframe under its 'Sea Mountain Eagle' project in record time.

The Weixin post relates to an aircraft for the People's Liberation Army Navy Air Force (PLANAF) and describes the rapid assembly of components to complete the first airframe, but gives no further detail about the aircraft and avoids any mention of carrier operations.

A little over a month earlier, on 16 March, GAIC had indicated via Weixin that it was working on a project of major importance. It illustrated the post with a computer-generated image (CGI) of a JL-9 trainer overflying one of the PLAN's aircraft carriers, with the state-owned Global Times newspaper reporting on speculation that this would be a trainer that could take off from and land on the PLAN's carriers.

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