CSB accelerates JSOW C-1 NEW integration on F-35

简氏:CSB在F-35上加速JSOW C-1 NEW集成

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Robin Hughes, Gold Coast - Jane's Missiles & Rockets
19 April 2020

A USN F-35C releases a JSOW C glide munition during operational test and integration on the platform at China Lake in 2019. Source: Raytheon Technologies
2019年一架美国海军(USN)F-35C在中国湖进行操作测试和平台集成时,释放了JSOW C滑翔弹药。资料来源:雷神技术公司
The F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO) Configuration Steering Board (CSB) has approved an accelerated timeline to integrate a Joint Stand-Off Weapon (JSOW) C-1 full Network-Enabled Weapons (NEW) capability on the F-35 Lightning II platform.

Sanctioned in February, the CSB decision accelerates by approximately two years the JSOW C-1 NEW capability on the F-35, with funding already programmed to support the C-1 integration effort. NEW effectively enables a Moving Maritime Target (MMT) capability for the C-1.
配置指导委员会(CSB)的决定于2月份获得批准,其F-35上的JSOW C-1 NEW能力加速了大约两年时间,并且已经计划提供资金来支持C-1集成工作。全网络化武器(NEW)有效地为C-1启用了移动海上目标(MMT)功能。

A joint US Navy (USN)-led USN/US Air Force (USAF) programme, the Raytheon Missiles & Defence (RMD) AGM-154 JSOW is comprised of a family of 1,000 Ib-class, advanced glide munitions. The AGM-154C-1, along with the AGM-154C (JSOW Block IIIC), are the latest design JSOW production variants.

The AGM-154C incorporates the UK-developed BROACH (Bomb Royal Ordnance Augmented Charge) multi-stage warhead – consisting of a 100 kg (220 lb) penetrating shaped-charge in front of a 145 kg (320 lb) conventional follow-through warhead, an uncooled, long-wave imaging infrared (IIR) seeker with autonomous target acquisition algorithms for precision Stationary Land Target (SLT) engagements.
AGM-154C整合了英国开发的皇家军械公司强化装药弹药(BROACH)多级战斗部–由145公斤(320磅)常规串联式战斗部和其前部装有100公斤(220磅)穿透型装药组成 ,基于自主目标捕获算法的长波成像红外导引头(IIR),可用于精确的同固定陆上目标(SLT)交战。

The AGM-154C-1 NEW variant adds a Rockwell Collins TacNet 1.5 dual-waveform (UHF and Link 16) Strike Common Weapon Datalink (SCWDL), enabling the weapon – which can interface with the USN/USAF Multifunctional Information Distribution System Joint Tactical Radio System (MIDS JTRS) – to be retargeted after launch, for Stationary Land Target (SLT)/Re-locatable Land Target (RLT) engagements. The JSOW C-1 weapon also incorporates a redesign of, and software modification to, the IIR seeker algorithm to support a network-enabled MMT engagement capability. The JSOW C Block III and C-1 variants have a stated range of 130 km (80.0 miles/70.0 n miles) at high altitude (40,000 ft), and 22 km (13.7 miles/11.9 n miles) at low altitude.
AGM-154C-1 NEW改型增加了罗克韦尔·柯林斯公司TacNet 1.5双向(UHF和Link 16)打击通用武器数据链(SCWDL),使该武器能够使用USN/USAF多功能信息分发系统联合战术无线电系统(MIDS JTRS)界面–发射后重新定位,用于固定地面目标(SLT)/可重置地面目标(RLT)交战。JSOW C-1武器还对IIR导引头算法进行了重新设计和软件修改,以支持启用网络MMT交战能力。JSOW C Block III和C-1改型在高海拔(40,000英尺)时的额定射程为130公里(80.0英里/70.0英里),在低海拔时为22公里(13.7英里/11.9英里)。

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