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The first-of-class 525 Ma'anshan was launched in September 2003, and is currently undergoing sea trial near Shanghai.

Ma’anshan class (Type 054) is the multirole missile frigate for the PLA Navy to succeed the Jiangwei class frigate. So far two ships (525 and 526) have been identified under construction in Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard, Shanghai and Huangpu Shipyard, Guangzhou respectively. The 3,400t Type 054 is powered by French-made diesels and fitted with a mixture of Russian- and Chinese-made weapon systems. The PLA Navy may plan to build another two ships over the next few years.


The PLA Navy has been developing its next generation multirole frigate Type 054 since the late 1990s. The frigate is expected to be able to operate in deep oceans, and equipped with capable air defence and antisubmarine warfare (ASW) systems. As a cost-efficient frigate, the weapon systems and sensors onboard the Type 054 are less sophisticated comparing to the newly launched Type 052B/C destroyers, but its general performance and capability are much superior to the previous Chinese-built frigates such as the Jiangwei and Jianghu class.

The design works of the Type 054 frigate completed possibly in the late 1990s, but the slow progress in acquiring a suitable propulsion system for the ship has caused delays in the project. Production of the first-of-class, 525 Ma’anshan, did not start until late 2002. The ship was launched on 11 September 2003 at Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai. The second ship 526 Wenzhou? was launched on 30 November 2003 at Huangpu Shipyard, Guangzhou. Both ships are expected to enter service in 2005.

The second ship of the Type 054 frigate, 526 Wenzhou, was built by Huangpu Shipyard, Guanngzhou

The Type 054 may be developed from the China Shipbuilding Industry Co. (CSIC) F16U export frigate, which was promoted to international market in 2000. The frigate is comparable to the French La Fayette class stealthy frigate in size and general performance. However, the Type 054 may not be as stealthy as the La Fayette class.
054型可能被中国造船工业公司(CSIC)发展了F16U出口型护卫舰,在2000年被推销到国际市场。护卫舰在大小和一般性能方面可以和法国La Fayette级隐形护卫舰相比较。然而,054型不可能像La Fayette级一样的隐形。

Unconfirmed reports indicated that the PLA Navy may build two additional ships of same class. The design is then revised on the basis of user feedbacks before the following improved ships are built—a similar development pattern can be found on the Jiangwei class frigate. The PLA Navy probably needs 15~20 more frigates to replace the bulk of the ageing Jianghu class.


舷号(Pennant No.)



龙骨铺设(Laid Down)



525 马鞍山(Ma'anshan) 东海(East) 2002 2003年9月11日(11 Sept 03) -
526 温州(Wenzhou?) 东海(East) 2003 2003年11月3日(30 Nov 03) -


Like the French La Fayette class, the Type 054 incorporates a number of stealthy features, including the sloped side to minimise radar cross section, the radar-absorbent paint on the hull surface, and the reduced profiles of external features. The increased displacement of the frigate provides plenty space for more equipment and larger propulsions. The ship has a stern helicopter flight deck and hanger to accommodate a Chinese Harbin Z-9C or Russian Ka-28 ASW helicopter.
类似法国拉法叶(La Fayette)级,054型综合许多隐形特色,包括倾斜侧边去最小化雷达横截面,在舰体表面上的雷达-吸收油漆和精简外部轮廓特征。增加护卫舰的排水量提供充足的空间用于更多的设备和更大的推进装置。护卫舰尾部有一个直升飞机飞行甲板和悬挂装置去容纳一架中国“哈尔滨”(Harbin)Z-9C或俄国Ka-28ASW直升飞机。


The Type 054’s primary surface strike weapon system is the YJ-83 (C-803) sea-skimming anti-ship cruise missile. Two four-cell launchers are installed in the midship position between the mast and the funnel. The missile is said to have a maximum range of 150km, and its final approach speed can reach 1.6~2.0 Mach.
054型最初的水面作战武器系统是YJ-83(C-803)掠海攻击反舰巡航导弹。两套四-单元发射装置安装在船体中部,在桅杆和烟囱之间的位置。导弹据说最大射程150公里,最后逼近目标速度能到达1.6~2.0 Mach。

The PLA Navy is currently developing the more capable YJ-85 (C-805) and YJ-12, both of which are said to be supersonic sea skimming cruise missile with a maximum range of over 200km. The Type 054 may be fitted with the one of the new missile systems once they become available.

The ship’s surface-to-air missile system is the HQ-7 (also known as FM-80), the Chinese copy of the French Thales Crotale. The HQ-7 onboard the Type 054 may be an improved model (FM-90?) with better single hit probability. An 8-cell missile launcher is installed on the bow deck behind the 100mm main gun. The missile is capable of engaging aircraft and missile, with a maximum range of 13km and speed of Mach 3.6. The guidance is by command line of sight with radar and infrared homing. 16 missiles are carried. On future ships this may be replaced by a new type of missile fired from the vertical launch system (VLS).
舰载防空导弹系统是HQ-7(也即是FM-80),法国泰利斯Crotale的中国仿造型。在054型舰载的HQ-7可能是改进型(FM-90?),具有更好的单发命中概率。一套8单元导弹发射装置安装在舰艄甲板100毫米主炮后面。导弹能够同飞机和导弹交战,具有最大Mach 3.6 速度和最大射程13公里。制导采用瞄准线指令连同雷达和红外光导引头。携带16枚导弹。在将来护卫舰上可能被一种采用垂直发射系统发射的新类型导弹代替。


The Type 054 is fitted with four six-barrel 30mm Russian AK-630 close-in weapon system (CIWS). The maximum rate of fire is 5,000 rounds/min. Range is up to 4,000m for sea-skimming anti-ship missile and 5,000m for aircraft. The gun is probably controlled by the Chinese-made EFR-1 Rice Lamp fire-control radar.
054型配备有四座6-管30毫米俄国AK-630近防武器系统(CIWS)。最大射击速率是5,000发/分钟。射程用于掠海攻击反舰导弹为4,000米和用于飞机为5,000米。近防武器系统或许由中国制造的EFR-1 “谷灯”(Rice Lamp)火控雷达控制。

The ship’s main gun on the bow deck is the newly developed single-barrel 100mm gun developed by 713 Institute on the basis of the French Creusot-Loire T100C design. The gun can be used against surface targets and air targets such as aircraft and low speed missile, with a maximum rate of fire of 90 rounds/min. The gun can be operated in fully automatic mode from the radar control system, from the shipborne optical sighting system, or laid manually. The turret design incorporates strong radar cross-section reduction features.
主炮位于舰艄甲板上,是713所最新发展的以法国Creusot- Loire T100C设计为基础的单管100毫米舰炮。主炮能被用对抗水面目标和空中目标,像是飞机和低速导弹,具有90发/分钟的最大射率。主炮能在雷达控制系统下全自动模式、舰载光学瞄准系统或用手动操作。炮塔设计综合极强的雷达隐形功能。


The ship is fitted with two triple 324mm Yu-7 (Mk-46 Mod 1) antisubmarine torpedo tubes.
护卫舰配备有二具三管324毫米Yu-7(Mk-46 Mod 1)反潜鱼雷管。


The ship's primary air/surface search radars include a Type 363S (Chinese copy of Thomson-CSF DRBV-15 Sea Tiger) 2D air/surface radar operating at E/F-band. The radar has a maximum detection range of 150km to aircraft and 50km to sea-skimming missile. The ship also has an MR-36A surface search radar operating at I-band.
护卫舰的主要空中/水面搜索雷达包括363S型(汤姆森-CSF DRBV-15“海虎”的中国仿造型)2D 空中/水面雷达,在E/F-波段操作。雷达最大探测距离对掠海导弹50公里和对飞机150公里。舰艇也有一套MR-36A水面搜索雷达,在I-波段操作。

The ship has four fire-control radars. One I/J-band Type 345 (Chinese copy of Thomson CSF Castor-II) radar for the HQ-7 SAM control, an MR34 for the 100mm main gun, and two I-band Type 347G (EFR-1) Rice Lamp radars for use with the AK-630 CIWS.
舰艇有四部火控雷达。一部345型I/J波段雷达(汤姆森-CSF Castor-II的中国仿造型)用于HQ-7防空导弹(SAM)控制,MR34型雷达用于100毫米主炮,和二部I-波段347 G型(EFR-1)“谷灯”(Rice Lamp)雷达用于AK-630 CIWS。

Two Racal RM-1290 navigation radars operating at I-band are fitted on the mast.
二部Racal RM-1290型导航雷达在I-波段操作安装在桅杆上。


The ship has a Type 922-1 radar warning receiver and the HZ100 shipborne electronic countermeasures (ECM) and electronic intelligence (ELINT) system.


The helicopter deck at the stern has a single landing spot for a medium size helicopter, such as the Russian Kamov Ka-28 Helix, or the indigenous Harbin Z-9C. The deck is fitted with the helicopter handling system.
直升飞机甲板在尾部用于一架中型直升飞机,像是俄国卡莫夫公司Ka-28“螺旋”或本国自行生产的“哈尔滨”(Harbin) Z-9C,有单一降落点。甲板配备有直升飞机处理系统。


The Type 054 is equipped with the indigenous ZKJ-4B/6 (Chinese copy of the French Thomson-CSF TAVITAC) combat data system to integrate various weapons and sensors onboard. The system is said to be capable of tracking and processing several hundred targets simultaneously.
054型装备本国自行生产的ZKJ-4B/6(法国汤姆森-CSF TAVITAC的中国仿造型)战斗数据系统去综合舰载各种不同的武器和传感器。系统据说能够同时追踪和处理几百个目标。


The propulsion of the Type 054 is a combined diesel and diesel (CODAD) arrangement. The primary propulsion is two French-made SEMT Pielstick diesel engines (~21,000hp). The similar diesel engine is used by the French La Fayette class frigate. China reportedly received the first batch of the diesel engines from France in 2003. The powerplant is said to be one of the most advanced in Europe. The secondary propulsion is two indigenous Shaanxi diesels (Chinese copy of the MTU 20V 956TB92) rated at 8,840 hp (6.5 MW).
054型推进装置采用组合柴油发动机-柴油发动机(CODAD)配置。主推进装置是二台法国制造的SEMT Pielstick柴油发动机(~21,000 hp)。相同的柴油发动机机也在法国拉法叶(La Fayette)级护卫舰使用。中国在2003年据传接收了来自法国的第一批柴油发动机,是欧洲最先进的发动机之一。第二推进装置采用两台中国自行生产的8,840 hp(6.5 MW)陕西柴油发动机(MTU 20V 956TB92的中国仿造型)。

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