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The civilian minibus vans by Nanjing Iveco has been in service with the PLA in the 1990s for general non-combat purpose. The special enhanced military variant NJ2045 became available in 2001/02.

NJ2045/2046 is the 1.5t cross-country carrier vehicle built by Nanjing Iveco Motor Co. Ltd., a joint venture formed by Nanjing Yuejin Motor Corporation and Italian car manufacturer Iveco Corporation, a part of the larger Iveco Fiat-Otobreda combine. The vehicle’s design is based on the Iveco passenger/cargo van. The NJ2045 is a troop/cargo van mainly for road travelling, while the NJ2046 is the high-mobility light truck enhanced with cross-country travelling features.
NJ2045/2046是由南京“依维可”(Iveco)汽车公司公司制造的1.5吨越野运输车,一个由南京“跃进”(Yuejin)汽车公司和意大利汽车制造商Iveco公司组成的共同投资公司,Iveco公司是更大的Iveco Fiat-Otobreda联合企业一部份。车辆的设计以Iveco乘客/货物货车为基础。NJ2045是军队/货物货车主要地用于道路旅行,NJ2046 是高机动性轻型卡车具有越野旅行的特点。

NJ2046 (foreground) and NJ2045 (background) in off-road travelling test. Both vehicles have passed the road and off-road tests by the PLA in some of the most harsh conditions in China.


The Nanjing NJ2045/2046 provides a lightweight tactical 4X4 carrier for troops, cargo, shelter, and weapon systems. Developed from the Iveco’s civilian minibus van, the NJ2046 has a limited cross-country capability. As well as serving as a standard passenger carrier, the vehicle can also be modified to serve as command & control vehicle, ambulance, light truck, and shelter. The vehicle is available in standard wheelbase and long wheelbase versions.

NJ2045 in the long wheelbase ambulance configuration. The NJ2045/2046 series is based on the Italian Iveco’s civilian minibus van technology. The chassis of the vehicle has been modified to give it limited cross-country travelling capability.

The NJ-2046 shares same chassis as the NJ2045, but with special features such as higher ground clearance and enhanced body for off-road travelling. The vehicle is in service with the PLA as utility truck, medical evacuation, border patrol vehicle, paratrooper carrier, and anti-tank missile carrier. The vehicle is air transportable and can be air dropped with multiple parachutes. The first airdrop test of the vehicle was conducted on 8 April 2002. The vehicle was dropped by a transport plane at 800m altitude and landed safely under five parachutes.
NJ-2046共用NJ2045的车底盘,但是由于专用功能,像是比较高的离地间隙和增强的车体用于越野旅行。车辆在PLA服役中被当做公用载重汽车、医疗撤退、边境巡逻车、伞兵车和反坦克导弹车。车辆可空运和能使用复式降落伞从空中投放。车辆的第一次空投测试在 2002年4月8日进行。车辆在800米高度被一架运输机空投,吊挂在五个降落伞下安全地着地。


NJ2046 in off-road travelling test. The vehicle is purposely built for military and security forces users. The NJ2045/2046 is based on the technology of Iveco, a world leading company in the design and production of military vehicles.

The NJ2046 light truck with soft canvas roof. The vehicle has an airborne version which can be airdropped by transport aircraft using multiple parachutes. The vehicle provides a high-mobility, versatile battlefield transport for the PLA airborne forces.

The HJ-9 antitank missile carrier based on the NJ2046. The highly mobile vehicle, which can be airdropped from transport aircraft, carries a lethal punch against enemy armoured troops.

Nanjing Iveco began to develop the 4X4 military version of its minibus van in 1997 to meet the PLA’s growing demand for such a vehicle. The development of the NJ2045 lasted for five years before the batch production began. The development of NJ2046 began in 1999 and was finalised in late 2000. A May 2003 report noted Nanjing Iveco’s intention to increase production to 30,000 units annually over the following two years, especially to meet a growing need for “special vehicles” -- fire engines, ambulances and military trucks.
南京Iveco在1997年开始发展4X4军用型,被当做小型公共汽车去符合PLA对一种类似车辆的增加需求。NJ2045 的发展在开始批量生产之前持续达五年之久。NJ2046 的发展在1999年开始和在2000后期结束。2003年5月报道称南京Iveco的意图在两年后去增加生产每年达到30,000辆,尤其符合对专用车辆的增长需求--消防车、救护车和军用卡车。



Both NJ2045 and NJ2046 are powered by a 2,798 litre, water-cooled, straight-four, turbo-charged diesel engine, developing 87kW at 3,600 rpm. The vehicle has a manual gear box with 5 forward and 1 reverse gear.
NJ2045和NJ2046两者被2,798公升水冷直列四缸涡轮增压柴油发动机提供动力,在3,600转/每分钟功率87 kW。车辆有一个手动变速箱,有5个前进挡和1个倒车挡。


座位(Seating) 1+8 1+10
配置(Configuration) 4X4 4X4
重量(Weight) (空车-empty) 2,850kg 2,950kg
最大负载(Max load) 1,600kg 1,600kg
牵引负载(Towed Load) N/A N/A
长度(Length) 4.855m 4.955m
宽度(Width) 2.080m 2.000m
高度(Height) 2.435m 2.300m
轴距(Wheel base) 2.800m 2.800m
轮距(Track) (前/后-front/rear) 1.670m/1.670m 1.670m/1.670m
最大速度(Max speed) 95km/h 100km/h
最大坡度(Max gradient) 60% 60%
涉水(Fording) 0.70m 0.75m   

NJ2045 NJ2046 
Seating 1+8 1+10 
Configuration 4X4 4X4 
Weight (empty) 2,850kg 2,950kg 
Max load 1,600kg 1,600kg 
Towed Load N/A N/A 
Length 4.855m 4.955m 
Width 2.080m 2.000m 
Height 2.435m 2.300m 
Wheel base 2.800m 2.800m 
Track (front/rear) 1.670m/1.670m 1.670m/1.670m 
Max speed 95km/h 100km/h 
Max gradient 60% 60% 
Fording 0.70m 0.75m

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