PL-11 air-to-air missile


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PL-11 is the air-to-air derivative of HQ-61, and it is also developed by the same developer of HQ-61, Shanghai Aerospace Bureau. The first successful flight test of PL-11 was conducted in 1992, and the missile entered Chinese service in the mid-1990s. The latest upgrade of PL-11 was completed in 2002. The first PL-11 was an air-launched HQ-61 armed with a mono-pulse SARH seeker based on Italian Selenia Aspide, and eventually upgraded with an ARH seeker. To meet the airborne requirement, PL-11 is slightly shorter than its SAM counterparts, and has a different set of redesigned control surfaces, which has much smaller wingspans while ensure the same performance. Versions:
PL-11是HQ-61的空对空衍生型,也是由上海航空航天局HQ-61的同一研发人员开发的。PL-11的首次成功飞行试验在1992年进行,导弹于1990年中期进入中国服役。PL-11的最新升级于2002年完成。第一枚PL-11是空中发射的HQ-61,配备有基于意大利塞列尼亚阿斯派德(Selenia Aspide)的单脉冲半主动雷达制导(SARH)导引头,并最终升级为主动雷达制导(ARH)导引头。为了满足机载要求,PL-11比SAM同类产品略短,并且具有另一套经过重新设计的操纵面,其翼展小得多,同时确保了相同的性能。 版本:
PL-11: This is the basic version, with HQ-61C armed with the mono-pulse SARH seeker based on Italian Selenia Aspide.
PL-11:这是基本型号,HQ-61C配备了基于意大利意大利塞列尼亚阿斯派德(Selenia Aspide)的单脉冲半主动雷达制导(SARH)导引头。
PL-11A: PL-11 incorporating inertial guidance so that targets would only need to be illuminated at the final stage of the engagement, as opposed to the entire engagement for PL-11. Depending on the airborne radar, PL-11A can engage two to four targets in the same time it takes for PL-11 to engage a single target.
PL-11B: ARH version of PL-11, and the last version of PL-11 family. This is a PL-11A armed with an ARH seeker AMR-1. Also known as PL-11-AMR, named after the ARH seeker AMR-1.
PL-11B:ARH版本的PL-11,以及PL-11系列的最新版本。这是装备有主动雷达制导(ARH)导引头AMR-1的PL-11A。 也称为PL-11-AMR,以主动雷达制导(ARH)导引头AMR-1命名。

Length: 3.89 meter
Diameter: 0.286 meter (Some sources claim 0.208 meter)
Wingspan: 0.68 meter
Weight: 310 kg (Some sources claim 220 kg)
Speed: Mach 4
Maximum range: 40 – 75 km, depending on the size, speed, and heading of the target
最大射程:40 – 75公里,具体取决于目标的大小,速度和方向
PL-11 did not enter Chinese service in very large numbers because it was only used as a stopgap measure until the more advanced PL-12 became available, and there is no confirmed export either.

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