PL-10 air-to-air missile


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For use on stealth fighters such as the J-20

The PL-10 is a short-range, infrared-homing air-to-air missile (AAM) developed by the People's Republic of China. It was designed by Dr. Liang Xiaogeng (梁晓庚) at the Luoyang Electro Optical Center, which is also known as Institute 612 and renamed in 2002 as the China Air-to-Air Guided Missile Research Institute (中国空空导弹研究院). Development of the missile commenced in 2004 for use on stealth fighters such as the J-20.
PL-10是中华人民共和国研制的近程红外制导空对空导弹(AAM)。 它是由洛阳光电技术发展中心(Luoyang Electro Optical Center)的梁晓庚博士(Liang Xiaogeng )设计的,该中心也被称为612研究所,并于2002年更名为中国空空导弹研究院( China Air-to-Air Guided Missile Research Institute )。该导弹的研发始于2004年,用于J-20等隐形战斗机。
The missile is fitted with a multi-element IIR seeker capable of +/-90 degree off boresight angles. The missile seeker can be slaved to a Helmet Mounted Display (HMD),allowing the pilot to track a target beyond the aircraft's radar scan envelope using the missile's high off-boresight capability, achieved by the pilot turning his head towards the target to lock-on,[4] better known as “look and shoot”. Flight is controlled by a thrust-vector controlled solid rocket motor and free-moving type control wings on the missile's tail.The central portion of the missile has long, thin strakes, which help maintain missile maneuverability in the terminal homing stage after the rocket motor stops firing.
该导弹装有能够偏离视轴角+/- 90度的多元IIR导引头。导弹导引头可以从头盔安装式显示器(HMD)上获得控制,允许飞行员利用导弹的高离轴能力,通过飞行员将头转向目标来实现跟踪目标,使其超出飞机的雷达扫描范围锁定,通常称为“看到并发射”。 飞行由推力矢量控制的固体火箭发动机和导弹尾翼上的自由移动式控制翼控制。导弹的中央部分有很长的薄边条,这有助于在火箭发动机停止喷射后在末段导引阶段保持导弹的机动性。

Type Short-range air-to-air missile
Place of origin People's Republic of China
Production history
Manufacturer Luoyang Electro-Optics Technology Development Centre (EOTDC)
Weight 89kg
Length 3.0m 
Warhead blast-frag, or expanding rod (RF-fuse)
mechanism laser proximity fuse and impact
Engine Solid-fuel rocket
range 22+km
system multi-element imaging infrared
platform Aircraft
类型  近程空对空导弹
原产地  中华人民共和国
制造商  洛阳光电技术发展中心(EOTDC)
重量  89公斤
长度  3.0米
弹头  爆炸破碎或膨胀杆(RF引信)
机构  激光近炸引信和碰撞
发动机  固体燃料火箭
射程  22 + 公里
系统  多元红外成像
平台  飞机

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