TianGong 1 Spaceflight Mission

中国天宫(TianGong) 1航天任务

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Mission Details
Official Name: TianGong 1
Mission Crew: None
Launch Vehicle: CZ-2F/G
Launch Site: Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre
    正式名称:天宫(TianGong) 1
    任务组员: 未知
    运载火箭: CZ-2 F/ G
One of the two main aims in the second phase of the Project 921 human spaceflight programme is to perform the rendezvous docking operation, which is crucial for the future space station construction. As the first step, China will launch TianGong 1, also known as “target spacecraft”, which is spacecraft module equipped with two docking ports to serve as a target for rendezvous docking operations, first with the unmanned ShenZhou 8 spacecraft in 2011, followed by the manned ShenZhou 9 spacecraft shortly after. The launch of TianGong 1 target spacecraft is scheduled in late 2010, using a modified CZ-2F/G space launch vehicle with increased payload capability and improved onboard electronic system.
921载人航天计划第二阶段中两个主要目标之一是去完成交会对接操作,对未来空间站建造是决定性的。第一个步骤,中国将会发射天宫(TianGong) 1,也即是“目标太空船”,是装备二个对接口的太空船组件用于交会对接操作视为一个目标(注:接着发射飞船与之对接),首先在2011年使用无人操纵的神舟(ShenZhou)8太空船,随后不久使用有人操纵的神舟(ShenZhou) 9太空船。天宫(TianGong) 1目标太空船发射预定在以后的2010年,采用增加负载能力和升级箭载电子系统被改进的CZ-2 F/G运载火箭。
According to a report by the Chinese state-run CCTV on 1 March 2009, TianGong 1 is designed to provide a 'safe room' for Chinese astronauts to live and conduct scientific research in zero gravity. Weighing about 8.5 tonnes, TianGong 1 is able to perform long-term unattended operation, which will be an essential step toward building a space station.
依照在2009年3月1日中国国家CCTV的一个报道,天宫(TianGong)1设计提供一个'安全舱'给中国太空人居住和操作零重力科学研究。重量大约8.5吨,天宫(TianGong) 1能够长期进行无人操作,向建设一个空间站将会是一个必要的步骤。
The TianGong 1 design will also be used to develop a cargo spacecraft, which will be fitted with rendezvous and docking port and used for resupplying and refuelling the future space station. The spacecraft will be launched from the newly-built Wenchang Satellite Launch Centre in Hainan Island.
天宫(TianGong) 1设计也将会用来发展一艘运载太空船,将会配备有交会和对接口并用于为未来的空间站再补给和加燃料。太空船将会从在中国海南省新建设的文昌(Wenchang)卫星发射中心发射。

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