NATO cyber exercise breaks new ground


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26 NOVEMBER 2020
by Brooks Tigner
NATO’s ‘Cyber Coalition 2020’ (CC20) exercise to defend the allies against cyber attacks, which took place on 16–20 November, embraced a number of firsts for the annual event. These included a wholly new scenario tailored to modern cyber operations, optional storylines based on protecting either military or civil critical infrastructure, and extensive testing and use of deceptive methods to deflect cyber opponents and gather metrics on their tactics. For the first time, CC20 was also conducted wholly in a virtual format due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
北约于11月16日至20日举行“网络联盟2020”(Cyber Coalition 2020)演习旨在保护盟国抵御网络攻击,在这一年度活动盛会中获得了许多首创。这些包括针对现代网络作战量身定制的全新场景,基于保护军事或民用关键基础设施的可选故事情节,以及广泛的测试和使用欺骗性方法来偏转网络对手并收集其战术指标。由于Covid-19大流行,CC20首次也完全以虚拟形式进行了操作。
“In some ways this was an improvement, by shifting everything to continuous workshops and meetings,” said Rear Admiral René Tas, assistant chief of staff for capabilities at Allied Command Transformation (ACT), Norfolk, Virginia, which led the exercise. Tas and others tele-briefed reporters on 20 November at the close of the five-day exercise, which involved 1,000 participants from the allies and partner countries, various NATO commands and entities, the EU Military Staff, and the EU’s civil Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

The logo of the NATO Cyber Range CR14 centre, pictured on 1 October 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia. The CCDCOE helped define CC20’s scenario. (Raigo Pajula/AFP via Getty Images)
According to Tas, “As a result of travel restrictions, there was a wider participation by officials and subject-matter experts, though it’s always better to exercise side-by-side of course.” One of the key players was Estonia’s NATO-affiliated Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE), which had a central role in defining CC20’s scenario, described by NATO as “realistic, with storylines introducing modern cyberspace effects”. The Czech Republic, Portugal, and the United States worked with the CCDCOE to produce the new scenario.
塔斯表示:“由于旅行限制,官员和主题专家的参与更为广泛,当然,肩并肩练习总是更好。” 爱沙尼亚与北约合作网络防御卓越中心(CCDCOE)是主要参与者之一,该中心在定义CC20的脚本方面发挥了核心作用,被北约描述为“现实的,引入现代网络空间效应的故事情节”。 捷克共和国,葡萄牙和美国与CCDCOE合作制定了新方案。

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