China's AVIC expands AV500 VTOL UAV family with new high-altitude model


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26 MAY 2020

The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has successfully test flown a new variant of its AV500 rotary wing vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the company announced on 21 May.

AVIC’s China Helicopter Research and Development Institute (CHRDI) stated on the company’s official social media account that a prototype AR500C/AV500C – with serial number AV500C-PT01 clearly shown on its tail boom – completed a 20-minute maiden flight at AVIC’s dedicated UAV research and development (R&D) facility in Poyang county, northeastern Jiangxi Province. The prototype was seen equipped with a chin-mounted dummy electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) sensor turret.
中航工业中国直升机研究发展研究院(CHRDI)在该公司的官方社交媒体帐户上表示,一架AR500C/AV500C原型-在尾梁上清楚显示了序列号AV500C-PT01-在位于江西省东北部鄱阳县中航工业专门的无人机研发中心完成了20分钟的首次飞行。原型机配备了一个安装机鼻下部的仿真光电红外(EO / IR)传感器转塔。

The AR500C/AV500C VTOL UAV can be controlled via a mobile ground control station.
According to AVIC, the AR500C/AV500C is a further development of CHRDI’s AV500B VTOL UAV and has been specifically designed for high-altitude operations. While the company did not disclose detailed specifications of the new air vehicle, the baseline AV500 platform has a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 500 kg with an overall length of 7.2 m – inclusive of a 5.7 m-long fuselage and tail section – as well as a height and rotor diameter of 2.4 m and 6.3 m, respectively.
中航工业表示,AR500C/AV500C是中航工业中国直升机研究发展研究院(CHRDI)的AV500B VTOL无人机的进一步发展,并且是专为高空作业而设计的。虽然该公司没有透露新飞机的详细规格,但基线AV500平台的最大起飞重量(MTOW)为500公斤,总长度为7.2米–包括5.7米长的机身和尾部 –高度和旋翼直径分别为2.4米和6.3米。

The AR500C/AV500C offers a comparable MTOW with the other members of the AV500 VTOL UAV family – which includes the AV500B and the armed reconnaissance AV500W (the latter of which is also marketed internationally as the U8EW) – but is physically differentiated from the other variants with a composite airframe featuring an aerodynamically optimised fuselage shell and enclosed tail boom. Another key modification is a new three-bladed main rotor as opposed to the twin-rotor configuration adopted for the AV500B and AV500W.
AR500C/AV500C与AV500垂直起降无人机(VTOL UAV)系列的其他成员具有类似的最大起飞重量(MTOW),包括AV500B和武装侦察AV500W(后者在国际上也作为U8EW出售),但在根本上与其他改型有所区别,复合材料机身具有空气动力学优化的机身外壳和封闭式尾翼。另一个重要的改进是新的三叶片主旋翼,而不是AV500B和AV500W采用的双旋翼配置。

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