Chinese SEAD-equipped J-10B emerges at Aviadarts contest

简氏:J-10B装备SEAD在 “航空飞镖”飞行员国际竞赛出现

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Richard D Fisher Jr - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly
16 August 2017

A SEAD-mission-equipped J-10B fighter emerged for the first time at a display concluding the 2017 Aviadarts international aerial competition at Changchun Airbase in Jilin province. Source: Via Dingsheng web page
一种配有敌方空防压制(SEAD)-任务-装备的J-10B型战机首次在吉林省长春空军基地举行的2017年 “航空飞镖”飞行员国际竞赛(Aviadarts)比赛中展出。资料来源:鼎盛网页
China has used the recent ‘Aviadarts’ international aerial competition to reveal for the first time that its Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) J-10B can be equipped to perform suppression of enemy air defences (SEAD) missions, adding to the number of People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) combat aircraft able to perform this mission.
Images of the SEAD-equipped J-10B first appeared on Chinese web pages on 10 August as part of a ground display at Changchun Airbase in Jilin Province, occurring at the end of the Aviadarts competition, part of the larger 2017 International Army Games held from 29 July to 12 August.
For the SEAD mission the J-10B was revealed to carry two Hongdu Aviation Industries YJ-91 anti-radiation missiles (ARMs). The YJ-91 was developed from the Russian Tactical Missile CorporationKh-31 family of ramjet-powered ARM and anti-ship missiles that were first seen in China in the early 2000s. The YJ-91 reportedly requires a separate guidance system pod, which was seen mounted on a fuselage pylon of the J-10B.
对于SEAD任务,J-10B被透露携带两枚洪都航空工业公司的YJ-91反辐射导弹(ARM)。 YJ-91是从2000年早期在中国首次出现的俄罗斯战术导弹公司K-31系列冲压发动机反辐射导弹(ARM)和反舰导弹开发的。据报道,YJ-91需要一个独立的制导系统吊舱,被看到安装在J-10B的机身挂架上。
As early as 2009 indications emerged that the YJ-91 also could equip the earlier J-10A. However, this version has not been seen with the Southwest Institute of Electronics Equipment (SWIEE) K/RKL007A electronic support measures/electronic countermeasures (ESM/ECM) pod seen under the J-10B. This pod possibly enables or enhances the J-10B’s ability to autonomously attack electronic targets.
早在2009年的迹象表明,YJ-91也可以装备早期的J-10A。然而,这个版本的J-10B还没有看到中国西南电子设备研究所(SWIEE,中国电子科技集团公司第二十九研究所)K/RKL007A电子支援措施/电子对抗(ESM / ECM)吊舱。该吊舱可能使J-10B能够自主地攻击电子目标。

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