China's Liaoning carrier departs Qingdao on training mission


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Andrew Tate, London - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly
26 June 2017
安德鲁·泰特,伦敦 - IHS简的防守周刊

PLAN aircraft carrier Liaoning set out from its base near Qingdao on 25 June on a training mission. Source: Xinhua
China's first in-service aircraft carrier, Liaoning , sailed from its naval base south of Qingdao on 25 June for a further round of training and exercises, according to the state-owned Xinhua news agency.
The Soviet-era Admiral Kuznetsov-class carrier was accompanied by Luyang III-class (Type 052D) destroyer Yinchuan (175), Luyang II-class (Type 052C) destroyer Jinan (154), and Jiangkai II-class (Type 054A) frigate Yantai (538).
苏联时代的海军上将库兹涅佐夫级航母由旅洋 III级(052D型)驱逐舰银川号(175)、旅洋 II级(052C型)驱逐舰济南号(154)、江凯 II级(054A型)护卫舰“烟台”号(538)伴航。
The news report states that the training to be conducted by the Liaoning carrier group is expected to "strengthen co-ordination among the vessels and improve the skills of crew and pilots in different marine regions".
In early June, the 304 m-long Liaoning , which was declared ready for combat operations in November 2016, is thought to have been conducting pilot qualification training in the largely enclosed and protected area of the Bohai Gulf to the north of Qingdao.
Amongst the pilots who completed their qualification for carrier operations, including landing and take-offs from Liaoning , was Cao Xian Jian.
在完成航母作战资格,包括从辽宁号降落和起飞的飞行员中,其中一名是曹先建(Cao Xian Jian)。 
Chinese media reported that he should have completed his qualification in August 2016, but was injured when he had to eject from his J-15 aircraft during a training sortie from the Huangdicun training base.
The accident occurred in April 2016, three weeks before another J-15 was lost in an accident in which the pilot ejected at low-level but did not survive.

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