SH2 122mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

中国SH2 122毫米车载式轻型榴弹炮

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The SH2 122mm self-propelled howitzer is the second 6x6 truck-mounted artillery system developed by China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO) in recent years. The artillery system was first revealed during the 2007 Abu Dhabi International Defence Exhibition (IDEX 2007) held between 18 and 22 February, and is being actively prompted to the export market. The lightweight and high-mobility features of this artillery system may be of special appeal to the PLA airborne force and marine corps.

中国SH2 122毫米自行榴弹炮是近几年来由中国北方工业总公司(NORINCO)发展的第二种6x6车载火炮系统。火炮系统在2月18日至22日之间的2007年阿布扎比国际防卫展览(IDEX 2007)期间被首次展示,而且积极推动到出口市场。这一种火炮系统的轻型和高机动性特点可能适应PLA空降部队和海军陆战队的特别要求。

The SH2 is armed with a 122mm howitzer, which appears to be based on the Type 86 (Chinese copy of the Russian D-30) towed 122mm howitzer. The howitzer retained the distinctive multi-baffle muzzle brake and recoil-recuperator mechanism mounted above the gun barrel on the original D-30/Type 86. The howitzer barrel is electric-operated, with an elevation of 0~70 degrees. 24 rounds are carried onboard the vehicle.


The howitzer has a maximum firing range of 22km when using the NORINCO Extended-Range, Full-Bore, Hollow-Base (ERFB-HB) round, or 27km when using the NORINCO Extended-Range, Full-Bore, Rocket-Assisted (ERFB-RA) round. The howitzer can also fire the Russian D-30 122mm ammunitions. NORINCO has been producing the 152/155mm laser-guided projectile based on the Russian Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) 152mm Krasnopol projectile design under license, but it is not known whether NORINCO has also obtained the license to produce the KBP Kitolov 122mm laser-guided projectile.

当使用中国北方工业总公司(NORINCO)增-程,全内径,空心-底排(ERFB-HB)弹药时最大射程22公里,或当使用中国北方工业总公司(NORINCO)增-程,全-内径,火箭助推(ERFB-RA)弹药时27公里。榴弹炮也能发射俄国D-30 122毫米弹药。中国北方工业总公司(NORINCO)已经在许可下生产基于俄国仪器设计局(KBP)的152毫米Krasnopol射弹设计的152/155毫米激光制导射弹,但是尚未知道是否中国北方工业总公司(NORINCO)也已经获得许可生产KBP Kitolov 122毫米激光制导射弹。

The artillery is mounted on a 6X6 wheeled chassis developed from a 4x4 HMMWV-like utility vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with two hydraulically operated stabilisers which are lowered in preparation for the firing. The artillery crew is seated inside an armour-protected driving cab. The vehicle is fitted with a central-inflating system, and can reach a maximum road speed of 90km/h. The artillery system can be airlifted by a large transport aircraft such as IL-76 or Y-8.

火炮安装在一辆6X6轮式车辆底盘上,从像HMMWV 4x4一样的通用车辆发展。车辆装备二个液压操作稳定器在准备发射时降下。火炮组员在装甲保护驾驶室内乘坐。车辆配备有一中央-充气系统,最大道路速度能达到90公里/小时。火炮系统能被一架大的运输机空运,像是IL-76或Y-8。

Like the SH-1, the Sh-2 is also equipped with a computerised fire-control system, including GPS navigation and positioning, targeting, and communications systems, all of which adopt the modular design for easy maintenance and upgrade. The artillery is used within a C4ISR network at company or battalion level.


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      SH2 122mm Self-Propelled Howitzer  
      中国SH2 122毫米车载式轻型榴弹炮
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