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The PL-5 (霹雳-5) air-to-air missile (PL stands for Pi Li, "Thunderbolt" in Chinese, the generic designation for all PRC air-to-air missiles) is a short-range, infra-red guided missile use by Chinese fighters. It is based on AA-2 Atoll technology and resembles the AIM-9 Sidewinder. The PL-5 was designed and developed at China's Luoyang Electro-Optics Technology Development Centre (EOTDC), also known as Institute 612; its design team members included Chen Jiali (陈家礼), Dong Chunfeng, Hu Rongchao (胡荣超), Huang Bin, Zhang Ming (张明), and Zheng Zhiwei (郑志伟). It was reportedly produced at the Hanzhong Nanfeng Machine Factory (also known as the Hanzhong Air-to-Air Missile Factory) of China Aviation Industry Corporation I.
PL-5(霹雳-5)空空导弹(PL代表Pi Li,中文为“ 霹雳”(Thunderbolt),是所有中华人民共和国(PRC)空对空导弹的统称),是一种短程红外制导中国战机使用导弹。它基于AA-2“环礁”(Atoll)技术,类似于AIM-9“响尾蛇”。PL-5是由中国洛阳光电技术发展中心(EOTDC)(也称为612研究所)设计和开发的。其设计团队成员包括陈家礼,董春风,胡荣超,黄斌,张明和郑志伟。据报道,它是在中国航空工业第一集团公司的汉中南丰机械厂(也称为汉中空对空导弹工厂)制造的。


The PL-5 have been continuously upgraded by Luoyang and the latest variant, the PL-5EII added a dual band, multi-element detector as well as a laser proximity fuse similar to the PL-9. According to Chinese export/import agency CATIC, the PL5E has an all-aspect capability with the seeker having a maximum off boresight angle of ±25° before launch, and ±40° after launch.
PLAAF J-10 and J-11 fighter jets are mainly using PL-8 missile, which is more advanced comparing PL-5. However due to greater weight and dimension of PL-8 missile, for F-7 and JH-7, PL-5 is still the preferable air-to-air missile at this stage.
Type Short-range air-to-air missile
Place of origin China
Production history
Manufacturer Luoyang Electro-Optics Technology Development Centre (EOTDC),
Hanzhong Nanfeng Machine Factory
Weight 148kg (PL-5B, PL-5C), 83kg (PL-5E)
Length 3.128m (PL-5B, PL-5C), 2.893m (PL-5E)
Diameter 0.127m (PL-5E)
Warhead 6kg blast-frag, or expanding rod (RF-fuse)
mechanism Active infrared, laser proximity fuse(PL-5EII)
Engine Solid-fuel rocket
Wingspan 0.657m (PL-5B, PL-5C), 0.617m (PL-5E)
range 1.3-16km (PL-5B, PL-5C), 0.5-16~18km (PL-5E)
Speed Mach 2.5
system Infrared homing, multi-element, dual band detector(PL-5EII)
platform Aircraft, helicopter gunships
类型 近程空对空导弹
原产地 中国
制造商 洛阳光电技术发展中心(EOTDC),汉中南丰机械厂
重量 148公斤(PL-5B,PL-5C),83公斤(PL-5E)
长度 3.128米(PL-5B,PL-5C),2.893米(PL-5E)
弹径 0.127米(PL-5E)
弹头6公斤 爆炸破片,或连续杆(射频引信)
机械式 主动红外激光近炸引信(PL-5EII)
发动机 固体燃料火箭
翼展 0.657米(PL-5B,PL-5C),0.617米(PL-5E)
射程 1.3-16公里(PL-5B,PL-5C),0.5-16~18公里(PL-5E)
速度 马赫数2.5
制导系统 红外寻的,多元,双色导引头(PL-5EII)
发射平台 飞机,武装直升机

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