China's Poly Defence sets up automated grenade production line


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13 APRIL 2022
by Shivanand B M
希瓦南德B M

A model of Poly Defence's automated production facility for handheld grenades was displayed at DSA 2022. (Janes/Shivanand BM)
保利防务公司手榴弹自动化生产设施的模型在DSA 2022上展出。(简氏/希瓦南德B M)
An official from Chinese state-owned company Poly Defence told Janes at the Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2022 exhibition held in Kuala Lumpur from 28 to 31 March that an automated grenade facility has been established to meet an increase in demand from the Chinese armed forces for handheld grenades.
He said the new facility has the capacity to produce up to 8,000 handheld grenades per day over an eight-hour shift. Poly Defence's manufacturing facilities are based near Beijing.
According to the official, the entire production line requires the involvement of no more than 15 personnel, instead of the previous working team of 60 people.
Operational personnel are physically separated from the machinery line for maximum safety and precision, said the official.
The body of grenades produced at the facility feature ‘special plastic' embedded with approximately 1,600 steel balls. The grenades have a diameter of 92–96 mm and a total weight of 260 g. The net explosive weight is 40 g, with delay before detonation of 3.5– 4.5 s.

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