Malaysia takes delivery of second Littoral Mission Ship from China


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14 JANUARY 2021
by Ridzwan Rahmat
The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) has taken delivery of its second Keris-class littoral mission ship (LMS) from Chinese shipbuilder Wuchang Shipbuilding Industrial Group.
马来西亚皇家海军(RMN)已从中国造船厂武昌造船工业集团(Wuchang Shipbuilding Industrial Group)接收了其第二艘“马来短剑”(Keris)级滨海任务舰(LMS)。

Sundang pictured at its handover ceremony on 14 January. (Royal Malaysian Navy)
“孙当”号(Sundang)在1月14日交接仪式上的照片。 (马来西亚皇家海军)
The vessel, Sundang (112), was inspected and received by the RMN’s three-member final acceptance committee in a handover ceremony on 14 January. The committee’s head, Captain Abdul Hadi Bin Abdullah, underwent a demonstration cruise on Sundang as part of the acceptance process, said the RMN on the same day.
Sundang is part of a four-vessel contract that was originally worth about MYR1.17 billion (USD290 million) and signed between the Malaysian government and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) in 2017. The vessel was laid down in October 2018 and launched in July 2019.
The LMS, which has an overall length of 68.8 m, is armed with a CS/AN3 30 mm multi-purpose naval gun from the Chongqing Chang’an Industrial Group Limited in the primary position and two CS/LM6 12.7 mm heavy machine guns from the Sichuan Huaqing Machinery Company Limited.
Its sensors include the OFC-3 electro-optical tracking system (EOTS) from Huazhong Institute of Electro-Optics, the SR2405A air and surface search radar from the Nanjing Marine Radar Institute, and an electronic support measure (ESM) system from the Southwest Institute of Electronic Equipment of China.
其传感器包括华中光电技术研究所(Huazhong Institute of Electro-Optics)的OFC-3光电跟踪系统(EOTS)、南京船舶雷达研究所(Nanjing Marine Radar Institute)的SR2405A空对地搜索雷达和中国西南电子设备研究所(Southwest Institute of Electronic Equipment of China)的电子支援测量(ESM)系统。
Sundang was originally scheduled for delivery on 12 April 2020 but its build progress was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with work suspended between January and May 2020, said the RMN. The vessel is scheduled to depart for Malaysia in the third week of January and will be inducted at a commissioning ceremony at the RMN’s base in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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