Images confirm China is operating J-15 fighter aircraft from third batch


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08 OCTOBER 2020
by Andreas Rupprecht
安德烈亚斯·鲁普雷希特(Andreas Rupprecht)
Images published by Chinese state-owned media on 7 October have provided further evidence that the Shenyang Aircraft Company (SAC) has continued production of the J-15 carrier-borne multirole fighter, with at least two aircraft from the third batch now confirmed to be in service.
One of the images, which were released by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)-sponsored China Military Online website, shows two J-15 fighters attached to the PLA Naval Aviation University taxiing during a training course held in late September.
其中一张图片是由中国人民解放军(PLA)日报主办的中国军网(China Military Online)网站发布的,其中显示了9月下旬举行的一次训练课程期间两架隶属中国人民解放军海军航空大学的J-15战斗机滑行。

An image showing two J-15 multirole fighters attached to the PLA Naval Aviation University during a training course in late September 2020. One of them bears production number ‘0306’: an indication that the platform belongs to the latest, third production batch. (China Military Online)
One of the fighters bears production number ‘0206’ – indicating that it is part of the second batch – while the other bears number ‘0306’: an indication that it belongs to the latest, third production batch. A second image shows another J-15 bearing production number ‘0303’.
Although the location of the training course was not revealed, Janes understands that the aircraft have been operating from the training facility at Huangdicun.
The latest developments come after China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) commissioned its second aircraft carrier, Shandong , in December 2019. About three months later, SAC, which is a subsidiary of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), indicated that it had resumed production of the J-15. The manufacturer had released images showing at least one J-15 painted in green primer, suggesting that the aircraft was part of a new batch.
最新进展发生在中国人民解放军海军(PLAN)于2019年12月启用第二艘航空母舰“山东”号之后。大约三个月后,中国航空工业集团公司(AVIC Industry Corporation of China,AVIC)的子公司沈阳飞机公司(SAC)表示,已经恢复制造J-15。制造商公布的图片显示,至少有一架歼-15涂有绿色底漆,这表明这架飞机是新一批次的一部分。

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