Chinese Type 052D destroyer fitted with possible anti-ship missile decoy launchers


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21 JANUARY 2020

Images have emerged of a Chinese Type 052D (Luyang III)-class destroyer fitted with what appears to be an anti-ship missile countermeasures system.
图片显示,中国052D(旅洋- III)级驱逐舰装有反舰导弹对抗系统。
The photographs, which were taken during the nine-day ‘Sea Guardian 2020’ maritime exercise between the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) and the Pakistan Navy (PN), show that the destroyer Yinchuan (pennant number 175) has been modified, with a pair of tubes installed on each side of the hangar roof, which appear to be roughly 500 mm in diameter and perhaps 2 m in length.

The system is very similar in appearance to the US Navy’s (USN’s) Mk 59 decoy launch system, which can deploy an expendable inflatable decoy designed to seduce an incoming anti-ship missile. The Mk 59 was first fitted to Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Ramage in late 2013.
该系统的外观与美国海军的Mk 59型诱饵发射系统非常相似,该系统可以部署用于诱骗反舰导弹的消耗性充气诱饵。Mk 59型于2013年末首次安装在阿利·伯克级(Arleigh Burke)级导弹巡洋舰拉梅奇号(Ramage)上。

The joint ‘Sea Guardian 2020’ exercise, which ended on 14 January, involved four PLAN surface vessels, two PN frigates and two missile boats, together with embarked helicopters and a total of about 120 marines.
联合“海上卫士2020”(“ Sea Guardian 2020”)演习于1月14日结束,涉及4艘中国海军(PLAN)水面舰艇,2艘巴基斯坦海军(PN)护卫舰和2艘导弹艇,以及搭乘直升飞机总共约120名海军陆战队。

The exercise was held in two parts, with shore-side briefings followed by a 72-hour phase at sea.

At the outset of the exercise the PLA-sponsored website commented that the exercise was aimed at “enhancing the capabilities of the two navies to jointly cope with maritime terrorism and crime”, adding that the manoeuvres had “nothing to do with the regional situation” and were not targeted at any third party.

It also reported that during the concluding debrief Senior Captain Ye Dan, commander of the Chinese naval fleet, had commented that “the first actual troop submarine rescue exercise at sea greatly improved the emergency underwater rescue capabilities of the two navies”.

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