Russian FACs receive Uprava-Kord RCWS


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Nikolai Novichkov, St Petersburg - Jane's Navy International
31 July 2018
尼古拉·诺维奇科夫,圣彼得堡 - 简氏国际海军

A Project 03160 Raptor boat armed with the Uprava-Kord RCWS is pictured during Russia’s Navy Day parade in St Petersburg on 29 July. Source: Nikolai Novichkov
7月29日在圣彼得堡举行的俄罗斯海军日游行期间,一艘带有Uprava-Kord遥控武器站(RCWS)的项目03160快艇正在被拍摄。资料来源:Nikolai Novichkov
The Russian Navy’s newest fast attack craft (FAC) are being fitted with the Uprava-Kord marinised remote controlled weapon station (RCWS), a military source told Jane’s.
“The cutting-edge Russian FACs, namely, Project 03160 Raptor and Project 12150 Mangust [Mongoose], are being fitted with Uprava-Kord unmanned weapon stations,” the source said.
消息人士称,“最先进的俄罗斯快速攻击艇(FAC),即Project 03160 Raptor和Project 12150 Mangust [Mongoose],正在配备Uprava-Kord无人武器站,”。
The dual-axis stabilised RCWS features an integrated electro-optic (EO) suite, and a separate gyrostabilised EO station can also be used, he said.
The Uprava-Kord RCWS has a height of 1,100 mm, a maximum turning radius of 1,355 mm, and a maximum weight of 200 kg. It has a traverse angle of 200° and an elevation angle varying between -20° and +80°. The module’s EO suite incorporates a thermal imager, a wide-angle colour TV camera with variable focus, and a laser target illuminator.
Uprava-Kord RCWS的高度为1,100 mm,最大旋转半径为1,355 mm,最大重量为200 kg。它的横向角为200°,仰角在-20°和+ 80°之间变化。该模块的光电(EO)组件包括热像仪,具有可变焦距的广角彩色电视摄像机和激光目标照射器。
The Uprava-Kord can be armed with a Vladimirov KPVT 14.5 mm heavy machine gun (HMG), Kord 12.7 mm HMG, or Kalashnikov PKT 7.62 mm general-purpose machine gun.
Uprava-Kord可配备弗拉基米罗夫KPVT 14.5毫米重型机枪(HMG),Kord 12.7毫米重型机枪(HMG)或卡拉什尼科夫PKT 7.62毫米通用机枪。
“The RCWS integrated with the Project 03160 Raptor FAC is armed with a KPVT, while that of the Project 12150 Mangust features a Kord machine gun,” the source said. The station can be fitted with an automatic target tracker and a ballistic calculator.
消息人士说,“与项目03160 Raptor FAC集成的RCWS配备了KPVT机枪,而12150 Mangust项目配备了Kord机枪,”。该站可以配备自动目标跟踪器和弹道计算机。
“In the full configuration, the Uprava-Kord is capable of engaging low-flying aerial targets, such as unmanned aerial vehicles,” the source said.

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